The Dangers Of Using A Oiuja Board? Who Are You Inviting Into Your Home?

29 October 2018 | Your Stories

This warning from a subscriber doesn’t contain ghostly goings on. It’s very much about the long term problems of using a Ouija board. Read this account and see what you think!

Attended a party several years ago, that resulted in one of my closest friends breaking out the Ouija board. The board itself produced very little in the way of results. The egg cup shunted a few times, but I could never be sure, at the time, whether it was my friends playing about. Of course, nobody would own up to moving it, but you know how teenagers are—especially with half a case of beer swilling inside of them.

However, a few weeks after the party, I was staying over at my friend’s house, the same one we used for the Ouija interview, and the energy in that place had changed. Whereas the place had been warm, inviting and homey. It had become cold, dank and tense. I asked my friend about it and he felt that it had changed due to the weather. But I think using the Ouija board changed the feel of that house.

My friend would complain that he would hear knockings in the night, he heard footsteps and was constantly arguing with the people who shared the place with him. He would fly into rages at the slightest thing, and had trouble sleeping. He broke up with his long-term girlfriend and became reclusive. A different person almost.

About six months later his landlord wanted him gone so he had to move, and his attitude changed. Once he moved to a different place he started to return to his former self. He said he felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

So, maybe this should be a warning to those who play with Ouija boards. You may not see anything straight away—but you may still be inviting misery into your home.

Jack H

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