The haunted Room

30 October 2018 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The story happened in Vietnam last 2013, Im from Philippines and was expatriated to Vietnam. Our company was located at Binh Duong province part of Ho chi Minh City. Since I don’t want any hassle going to work daily, I decided to stay near to where I work.

We found a nice house to stay. The house was located in almost at the center of the city proper, near the malls, grocery stores, bars and restaurants. So, it’s not a quiet and boring place.

During the first 3-months staying at house everything was normal. Good ambience, cold AC, water is good, everything is perfect. Then one normal night came, I was alone in the house and doing normal things that I did. I was watching some movies and suddenly I heard a crying lady. At first I thought it came from outside the house, but the sound is getting louder and nearer. I ignore it first because I don’t really believe on those things. Then fortunately the crying disappear.

Days came and the experienced never happened again, until one stormy night and I was again alone in the house. I was in my room trying to sleep. I have fallen asleep, then I have this dream that someone is trying to cover my face, I cannot recognized who it was or is it a boy or a girl. Then fortunately I have opened my eyes and woke up. Nobody was in the room, so concluded that it was just a dream. I was scared and couldn’t sleep, so I decided to turn on my MP3 and played some music. When I was about to sleep (half sleep, half awake), someone was coming and approaching my location and it’s clear that it’s a lady wearing a long white gown. I couldn’t recognized her face and she’s trying to cover my face again in a way that I couldn’t breathe. It felt like I was paralyzed, fortunately I have gained my consciousness. But when I woke up the music was still playing but I couldn’t understand the lyrics. The melody was familiar but the lyrics were different. I just then realized that the music was played reversed. After realizing the situation, I immediately run outside the house without hesitation and anything in my mind. I called a friend living nearby and ask him to stay with them for a night.

After that night, I decided to transfer to another house. While I was loading my things to the cab, a local and a neighbor approached me. I told them that I’m transferring, because of the experienced that I had. Then they told me a very scary story that have happened in the house. They told me that the daughter of the owner of the house committed a suicide 3-years ago, and they often see daughter’s ghost at my room’s balcony.


Submitted by Rafa

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