Be Careful what You Wish For!

31 October 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The night was like any other weekend in the middle of the national Allegheny forest. Camping with some friends and a couple of beers.
(There’s a bunch of us and I’ll introduce everyone on the way. I’m Chris).

Same old same old. We are at one of our favorite spots not too deep in the woods, but deep enough to not hear anything but nature. So the night goes on normal, we drank a good amount of beers and the girls decided to go to sleep. The boys were still up sitting around the fire. I had this idea… a horribly interesting thought. I said aloud. “I wish”…. I wish we could see something we couldn’t explain, something that if we tried to explain it to anyone, nobody would believe us… at the moment everyone was shaking their heads in agreement. They all said something in agreement. There was 5 of us at this moment sitting around the fire conjuring…. something openly accepting anything into our reality not just accepting, but we invited it. We asked for it. We wished for it.. an hour or so went by and we decided to call it a night. Nothing out of the ordinary other then our friend Trevor. He was a heavy drinker and had just as many drinks as we all did, but now he’s completely sapped of all his energy and he passed out in his chair before we yelled something like

” you sleeping in the chair bud,”

He got up and stumbled to his tent. We laughed it off. It was pretty late anyways and he’s probably just tired. After he was out, Nathaniel started getting really tired really quick and called it a night. So That leaves me, Pete and Larry. Awake Bored. Not tired at all, but we didn’t have anything to do. We went to our tents and noticed that they were soaked. Like someone poured a gallon of water in them.. can’t sleep in water so we said we will call Pete’s dad, he’s a good guy and would give us rides so we didn’t have to drive drunk. I left my phone in Trevors car and he had the keys. We tried waking him up to no success. We decided to just take his keys and open his car.

We were walking to his car and I swore I saw someone sitting in the driver seat gripping the steering wheel. I just froze. Larry and Pete didn’t. Until they saw it and then Larry and Pete back peddled faster than I’ve ever seen anyone and I’m like.

“Did you see that guy?” They had no words…

I said let’s just walk home…. absolutely horrible idea as we are walking with the light of the moon to guide us. We looked down to notice I had a shadow but Pete didn’t.

I said “Pete.. Why don’t you have a shadow?”

He looked horrified at me and replied

“Chris..why do you have one?”

At this time, we noticed I was the only one of us that had a shadow.. the coldest chill went over me and all my hair stood up we stared at my shadow for only a second before it whipped away into the darkness of the woods. We started running for our lives. Faster than we ever we ran until we reached a clearing with some weird object in the middle of this opening.. it looked like a table with a bunch of stuff on it. I was drawn to it. I started walking through prickers off the trail to get to this table. Pete and Larry tried to stop me. But I insisted I wanted to see what it was we passed this on the way here and that “shrine” wasn’t there. I got within 5 feet of it and as fast as you can blink, it was gone. We ran and ran and ran. The story doesn’t end there. Nathaniel was woke up by someone stoking the fire. And strumming on my guitar he yelled out

“Cut it out Chris”

Nothing but silence. He looked out of his tent to see my guitar leaning up against a tree right next to his head. He went back to sleep. Not long after that, one of the girls named Ruth had to go to the bathroom. We are in the woods and it’s scary at night. So she woke up Sadie to go with her. They worked their way into the darkness not too far apart. When Ruth saw someone running in the woods in front of them. She thought Sadie was messing with her but Sadie saw and thought the same about Ruth. They both came back to the tent like “good try almost got me ” both of them said it wasn’t them. Chills.

We made this happen. When you wish for something like this you’ll get results. It fed off of our friend’s energy it, tormented us in our dreams, stalked us in the woods and made us feel crazy. But than again what exactly is normal?

You don’t have to believe it. something unbelievable is exactly what we wished for. Be Careful what you wish for…..

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Chris Misulich

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