Foul Smell That Has Taken Over Our House: A Possible Haunting?

05 November 2018 | Your Stories

Not sure if this one is terribly paranormal. At the same time we try to feature all of the submissions we are sent so take a look at this one. Could this foul smelling house be haunted?

We recently purchased a house in Liverpool, England. The house itself is actually quite new. It was built in the late 1980’s and the previous owner was the one who built it. But ever since we moved in the house has been filled with a foul smell. At first, we thought it was the drains but after a specialist checked them, we found that they were not to blame. We’ve checked the house through for something rotting, and we’ve found nothing. This smell is like a rotting chicken, or something that has been left out in the open for so long. We didn’t notice it when we closed the deal with the previous owner, and we didn’t notice it when we first moved in. It has built up gradually since we moved in—almost to the point that we can’t stand it

Having checked the house thoroughly we can say that there’s nothing in the house that should be causing the smell. The only explanation that has made any sense has been the paranormal. We’ve been reading that sometimes spirits can leave smells for those who are still living. I’m not sure why any spirit would want our house to smell this way though? We will be consulting a psychic to find out more.

John Springthorpe


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