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22 November 2018 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Many years back, I worked security work in Sydney Australia. As often happens you do a lot of night work, along with the late hours and strange people at that time, comes the other worldly. I worked with a fellow guard and we got to discussing the buildings resident. After explaining that story to him, he then opened up about his time at the State Library of New South Wales. He told me of the night New Years Eve 2000, when sitting in the control room, he and another guard noticed a rather attractive young woman in period dress. Crossing the main yard. Which was gated and closed to the public. So they radioed the guard on patrol and dispatched him to the area to escort her out and to check the main gates were secured. As they watched the guard came in to view on the left monitor while the young woman was still moving across the other monitor as they followed her camera to camera. As the patrol guard approached he radioed in asking where the woman was and were they playing games, as he couldn’t see her. The control room radioed back stating that she was right in front of him and counted down the distance, 5 meters, 4 meters, 3 and so on. Then the guard says “you are kidding me, there’s no one……” then goes “golly that got cold what in the..” as the my partner reiterated that he and the other guard with him watched the two walk right through each other. Well that guard ran back to the office and dropped his radio and keys off and quit that night.

I have many more from his tellings and from my own experiences…


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