The Phantom Nun Who Still Cares For Patients In Kansas

27 November 2018 | Your Stories

Strange story today, but not unheard of. Lydia has written to us to tell of her experiences with a nurse at the hospital she was confined to. This nurse, nun, took care of her while she was recovering from a car crash. Read on to learn more…

When I was in hospital after having a car accident, I had the strangest thing happen to me. I was lying in the recovery room after surgery and a nurse came in, sat by my bed and started mopping my face, and washing my neck. She was praying the whole time she was working on me. I was so delirious I had no idea what was going on, but a few days later started to recover. That’s when I started asking the doctor about the nurse who had been by my bed the whole time keeping me cool and mopping the sweat from my face. The doctor didn’t say anything. I thought perhaps it was some kind of protocol for the doctors not to give out any information.

When I was getting ready to be discharged, I asked another nurse about the nurse who had attended to me. I described her. Short, fat, in a habit etc. The nurse said that she hadn’t seen anyone with that description around but would ask.  I never did hear back from her about the nurse. But on my way out I asked another doctor and he didn’t really want to tell me, but I knew he knew what I was talking about. He said that several patients over the years had asked about that particular nurse. He hadn’t seen her himself but had heard that she fitted the description of a nun who had worked in the hospital in the 1940’s, and who had died falling down the steps. Apparently, she had broken her neck a few years before he had started working at the hospital. I still don’t know whether she was a ghost, but I thank her for the help she gave me that summer 1988.

Lydia Jamie,


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