My Grandfather Showed He Loved Me Even After His Death: Contact From The Other Side

04 December 2018 | Your Stories

Thank you to Larry… a gentleman who submited a very sweet story about his grandfather contacting him from beyond the grave. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

People always want to ask that question. Is there life after death? Afterall… death comes to us all… and we want to know what comes next. I think there’s life after death. My grandfather died when I was seven years old. He, and I, had been very close. The Christmas before he died he got me an etch-a-sketch. He and I had spent a lot of time together playing with the toy. For those who don’t know what an etch-a-sketch is. It’s an iPad shaped toy that allowed you to draw using the knobs at the bottom. Most people couldn’t draw much on it—but we got pretty good as we practiced.

Then he was gone. He had a heart attack while gardening. No warning. Nothing. He was alive one minute, and dead the next.

I was very sad, of course. But one strange thing happened. One morning, a few weeks after he died, I woke up to find the etch-a-sketch at the bottom of my bed. Not where it normally lived. I didn’t think much of it until I saw something had been drawn on the screen. Words. “Stay Young.”

That’s what it said…. “stay young.”

I knew this message was from my grandfather as he had always said that people should “stay young at heart.”

Somehow it was comforting for me to have a message from him on the toy we had both enjoyed so much. I wrote a reply that morning telling him how I loved him—no easy feat on an etch-a-sketch. I never heard from him again.

I’d say that there is definitely life after death—but I think their ability to communicate with us is very, very limited. I loved my grandfather very much, and he loved me too. He told me so when he left a message for me.

Larry Akon,


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