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05 December 2018 | Ghostbusters, Ghosts in the news

Interviewed by: G. Michael Vasey
Paul Dale Roberts (left) is a ghost hunter….
After a career as varied as being in the military to dancing, Paul Dale Roberts became a paranormal investigator in 2004 and with over a thousand investigations under his belt and over a thousand paranormal articles he has written lead him to be in 8 documentaries. From History Channel’s Monsterquest (Mothman episode) to Conversations of a Serial Killer by Two Four Productions to Showtime’s Penn & Teller Bullshxt – Mayan Prophesy of 2012 to 3 Biography Channel’s My Ghost Stories to Mysteries of Angels and Demons by Ives Street Entertainment to Michael Jackson: You are not Alone/In Search of his Spirit. His full biography can be read here.
We reached out to Paul Dale Roberts to feature him in our new GhostBusters feature…….. and what a read it is….
Question: How did you become interested in the paranormal?
Answer:  Because growing up, I lived in a haunted house on Effie Street in Fresno.  All kinds of things happened to me, so before I knew it, I was reading all kinds of books on the paranormal, especially books by Brad Steiger.
Question:  What was your first experience of the paranormal?
Answer:  Awww…back to Effie Street.  Let me tell you about my first experience.  Well, it all started when I was a little boy living on Effie Street in Fresno, California. The year was 1962. We lived in an old duplex on Effie Street, it was a corner house. I experienced horrible things at this house. I will describe the paranormal horrors that occurred in order as they happened.

1. The first experience I had at this home was hearing a woman’s serene voice calling for me. She was saying…”Dale, come here.” She was saying this over and over again. All my life, my parents would call me by my middle name Dale. This female spirit was also calling me Dale. I went towards her voice and looked out a window that allows me to see an orange grove. The voice was coming from the orange grove. I could not see the woman and got scared and ran to my mother.

2. I was riding my tricycle down the street. I stayed on the sidewalk and went about 6 houses up the road. I stopped at one house and looked at the front door. A man steps out to the porch looks at me and draws a shotgun on me. I got scared and went home as quickly as possible. I told my dad and my dad went up to the house and it was discovered that no one lived there.

3. On one night I heard the sound of something rolling on the sidewalk, this sound was at a distance. The sound kept getting closer and closer. Finally, the sound was right at my bedroom window and it stopped. My bedroom window opened up half way on its own. I looked towards the window and saw a black tea kettle with 4 rollers on the bottom of it. The black tea kettle had a snout and the snout slowly turned towards me and a spray came out. I was covered in the spray and started hacking and coughing. The very next day I had a bad case of bronchitis.

4. Another night, winged skeleton heads flew into my room, there were about a dozen of them. I started screaming and my father came into the room and he also had a skeleton head. Finally, he calmed me down and the winged skeleton heads disappeared and my father’s face became normal.

5. I was so scared of all the things that were happening to me, I started carrying a bible with me all the time. I went to the neighbor’s dog that was friendly with everyone and started petting him. All of sudden the dog’s features changed and from a friendly dog, he became a vicious dog and severely bit me in the hand. I was bleeding all over the place. I ran from the neighbor’s house through the orange grove to get to my house. While running through the orange grove, I could hear the sound of a woman maniacally laughing.

6. On another night, the winged skeleton heads came back into my room and I yelled and started hacking and coughing. My mother came in half asleep and gave me a teaspoon of poison. She thought she was giving me cough syrup and had me throw it up. It scared her to death, she thought she had poisoned me.

7. The final incident I was walking in the living room and something came up behind me and pushed me into the heater hard. I had burn marks all over my legs from this incident.

My dad received a promotion and before I knew it, we were moving out of the home on Effie Street and moving into a home on Simpson Avenue in Fresno. The incidents stopped. As I got older, I wondered if I experienced childhood night terrors or actually experienced the paranormal. I started reading everything on the paranormal and read many Brad Steiger books. Little did I know that the knowledge I would gain from Brad Steiger’s books would eventually help me become a successful paranormal investigator.

Question:  What do you think causes paranormal experience?
Answer:  Young children have the most paranormal experiences, that is why you hear stories of children with imaginary friends.  Children from the ages 1 to 8 are usually psychic and can see beyond the veil.  I was one of those children.  Some people keep their psychic abilities, like my wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson.  To this day, she can detect ghosts and even UFOs.  Normal people who have paranormal experiences are in areas that have an influx of paranormal activity.  Either the entities are trying to communicate something to the individual or they are trying to scare the individual away.  There is always a purpose to the paranormal experience.
Question: Have you ever conducted a conversation with a spirit- how do they feel about being ghosts?
Answer: With some of our EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) I learned that some entities do not want to go into the light, because they sinned while alive and feel they will be judged if they go into the light.  Other entities have unfinished business, so they want to stick around.  It appears that they have the option of going into the light and when they do, they never come back.
Question:  What do you think, determines whether, or not, a house is haunted?
Answer: If a house is haunted, I am able to obtain an EVP within 30 minutes of entering.  My wife who is a psychic medium can pinpoint where the entity is and I start recording.
Question:  For those of us who may be oblivious to it, how do spirits try to make contact with living people?
Answer: Many ways, with your peripheral vision you may see a darting shadow.  You may get touched.  You may even get lucky and see a full body apparition.  I have been on over 1000 investigations and only have seen 4 full body apparitions, it’s very rare.
Question:  What do you look for in a location as a sign that it’s haunted?
Answer:  I utilize the ability of psychics to make that determination and then it’s up to my investigators to proof it with EVPs or maybe an anomaly on a photograph.  If we capture an orb photo, we try to prove that the orb has intelligent movement.  Case example:  On one investigation, the occupants said that there was a spirit named Emily and she likes draining energy from the occupants.  One of my investigators felt drained and had to sit down.  I told Emily if she is listening to me, to go over and kiss the investigator.  With 3 cameras we take a picture of the investigator and he has an orb on his mouth, caught by 3 cameras, something like that I can deem as having intelligent movement and I can deem as paranormal.  I then told Emily to sit on his lap and we capture a picture of an orb hovering over his lap.  Absolutely paranormal.
Question: What was your scariest experience with a spirit?
Answer: Went into this small town by myself to assist two women.  One woman was in her 60s and she lived with her god-daughter who was in her 30s.  They were very pleasant women that took care of parrots.  They told me that at 2 am or 3 am a black cloud appears in their hallway and that it’s a demon. They showed me bite marks that they had on their chest and legs from the demon.  At some point of the conversation, the older woman’s face started distorting.  From a pleasant looking woman, she became an evil looking woman.  She tells me that she has visions of killing men with a baseball bat.  15 minutes later I look in the living room and the god-daughter is holding a baseball bat and going around and around in circles with a maniacal laugh. I got the heck out of there and to this day, I believe both of them were possessed by a demon.  I now provide cleansings.  My wife does a metaphysical cleansing, I conduct a Roman Catholic house blessing.  People that have attachments we give a full body baptism, submerging them in water, this is a basic form of exorcism.
After the baptism, the attachment is gone.  We are very successful with this method.
Question: What was your most pleasant experience with a spirit?
Answer: We investigated a home that was haunted by an angel.  The angel was watching over the family and in one situation, we saw a bright light appear in a darkened room.  The angel whispered to two of the investigators and said….”I shall protect.”
Question:  How do you think spirits feel about people trying to make contact with them?
Answer: Some entities have a message to relay to the world and making contact is exactly what they want to do.
Question: How would you describe the afterlife?
Answer:  From my studies, if you don’t want to go into the light, you are basically confined to haunt a location that you are very familiar with while you were living.  A grid is placed around the place where you are haunting and the “ghost police” or perhaps angels will not let you go past the grid, unless there is something personal of yours somewhere else, and then you have the ability of now going from the home that you are haunting to another location. Case example:  A lady purchases a grandfather clock from an antique store and she brings it home.  Her home is now haunted because the energy of the deceased person is on this grandfather clock.  Anything with your energy on it, will allow you to go from point A to point B.  There are also what I call “living ghosts”.  Case example:  In 1974 in Chicago, Illinois, a family moves into a home and at 2am, they see a man manifest and walk over to the couch.  On the couch a woman manifests.  The man goes over and hits the woman 3 times and then fades away.  The family sees this 7 more times.  The family is invited to a block party and the host says that this is a tradition (the block party) and they do it every year and shows them photo albums of past events.  The woman is amazed because in one photo is the man and woman they see in their home and yells..”these are the ghosts in my home!”  The host looks at the photo and says they are not ghosts, that they did live in their home and they had domestic disputes all of the time, the police were there all the time.  They got divorced, the woman lives 3 blocks down the road and the husband now lives out of state, they are very much alive.  What happened is that this ghostly couple threw out so much negative energy into the atmosphere, this horrific scene is played out over and over again, they become living ghosts.  This is considered residual energy.
Question:  How can we learn more about you and your work?
Answer:  Thank you for the interview, you can find us at Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.
If you need help call the Sacramento Haunted Paranormal Hotline: (916) 203-7503 – 4 Advice & Investigations
or you can email me at [email protected]
My wife Deanna Jaxine Stinson does free tarot card readings on Facebook, go to Sacramento Paranormal Help
You can find our books here:

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