Meet One Of England’s Leading Psychics: Craig Hamilton-Parker Explains The Mysteries Of The Universe…

06 December 2018 | Your Stories

This interview was originally featured in Westerner magazine.

About Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a celebrated medium who has confounded skeptics with the uncanny accuracy of his readings. Together with his wife, Jane, and his psychic family, he is often seen on TV with programs such as The Spirit Of Diana, in which he and his wife made contact with the spirit of Princess Diana on live American TV.

In the UK, he had a TV series on the BBC called ‘Talking to the Dead’ and a series on the Biography Channel called ‘Our Psychic Family.’ A new UK/US series is in production called ‘Britain’s Best Psychic Couple.’

Craig is the author of 15 books in the paranormal genre, including the best-seller The Hidden Meaning of Dreams. His website has a community of mediums who meet in its chat rooms for regular debates and practice.




Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Craig.

It’s my pleasure.

Can I start by asking how did you get into being a psychic medium, of all things?

I think it’s something you’re born with. I would have seen a lot of things as a child. Like, I remember I saw my grandfather standing in the room shortly after he’d died, before I’d even been told that he died. I got interested in it big time when I met a medium called Doris Stokes. Have you heard of her?

No, I haven’t…

She was a really brilliant medium in her time. She became big news in the 1970s and ‘80s. My sister lost her husband, and I went with her to a private reading with Doris Stokes. Doris turned around to me and told me that I was going to be a medium and told me the exact date that I’d meet my wife, Jane. Nine years later, I met my wife on the 6th of March—the exact date Doris had told me. It got me really interested. Then I met a police sergeant who was working in Hammersmith. He’d been a medium, but he had kept it quiet throughout his life because of his work as a police officer. So, I was actually taught by a cop to do mediumship, and it developed over the years. I then got interested in spiritualism. I didn’t know anything about spiritualism. The first time I ever went to a spiritualist church was as a demonstrating medium. I was actually on the platform giving messages to the audience. It was a calling and completely unexpected.

You were an advertising executive before you became a full time medium, right?

Yes, I was in Winchester. I was also single parent at that time. I was doing this mediumship business for free, and once a week I could get a babysitter on a Tuesday. It just so happened that the circle in London was on a Tuesday. My night off would be to sit in a dark room and develop the skill. Then, later on, I met Jane and I gave up advertising. I was doing very well—but I hated it, really. So, we decided to do mediumship professionally. My income dropped through the floor. We had zero to live on, and I lived for a long time doing private readings and party readings. Then, once we had done that, I decided to apply what I knew about public relations. I sent letters to all the television studios and I ended up getting a spot on “The Big Breakfast.” I was predicting next week’s news with Paula Yates. So, Jane and I would have to give predictions of what would come up next week. It was quite a tall order. Paula Yates was quite ferocious and highly critical, but it was good training.

But you’re eerily good at predicting the future—I watch your prediction videos, and you get things dead on.

I used to think you couldn’t predict the future. I had been working as a medium. Jane and I did some television work, then we started a website, which went haywire. We were getting 150,000 hits a day, and it became a big community. Overnight, Google changed the way it did its algorithms. My site was heavily penalized. I couldn’t recover it. I was in a difficult state because we suddenly had no income at all. What do we do? A friend of mine from India called me up. We’d been corresponding from the early days of the internet. He was very interested in Sathya Sai Baba, the Indian holy man. We’d been talking about lots of different things. I’d mentioned an Oracle in India that I’d been trying to track down called the Nadi Oracle. I’d heard that the Nadi Oracle can tell you everything about your life to the tiniest detail. I’d been talking to a wing commander in India who had told me a few anecdotal stories about people who had found this oracle. Just as I was having all these problems with my business, my friend got in touch with me and told me he had found one of the Nadi Oracles and arranged for me to talk to one of these people in India via Skype. He was interested in bringing this to the west and teaching people about it. It was important that the Nadi Oracle had no prior information about me. I think he wanted to test him. So, I set up a proxy email account, a proxy name for Skype, and we didn’t give him any information at all. It was incredible! He knew nothing about me. We accessed the Oracle, and he went through a series of palm leaves. These leaves are supposed to be 10,000 years old and rewritten every 500 years. The Nadi needed a thumb print, so we sent him a thumb print and with that thumb print he could find the appropriate bunch of leaves. Then we had to go through the leaves until we find my leaf that will open the appropriate oracle. We went through the leaves. He eventually got to one leaf and said, “Your first wife’s name was Tina.” It was true, and nobody knew that information. Nobody could have known that. He read the next life. “Your mother’s name is Ethel… your father’s name is Donald…” All correct. He managed to come up with 100% answers. “Your name is Craig and you were born at 1.30am on the 24th of January, 1954.” This is the sort of information he was giving me. He could have accessed my bank account! All from a thumb print. He then told me all the things I’d done. He could tell me about my father. He said my father worked at the tax office. Even my brother didn’t know that my father worked in the tax office. It was fact, after fact, after fact.

It sounds amazing…

It was. It came to me at a time when I was having doubts, but this reading gave me a model how I could live my life. How I could use my gifts in the right ways. He said, “You’re going to do it all for nothing… for the foundation.” That sounded like a great idea. Once you take the money out of it, you can do it for the love of it. It was an incredible awakening for me. But I didn’t want to rely on just one man. We found another Nadi reader who gave me the same information in a wordier way. But it was all the same information. Later on, I found a completely different Nadi. Again, I got the same information. This, to me, was 100% proof. There are a lot of Nadi readers and a lot of them are fakes. In India they know a lot of money can be made from this.

The Nadi tells you about your past lives and gives you remedies. The remedies help you break the karma of the past life that will stop you achieving what you need to achieve in life. For example, I had been offered TV shows and other mediums had stepped into my shoes and even used my script. One famous medium actually used my script for the beginning of his show. It was frustrating to be thwarted a number of times. I went to India to do the remedies, and it was an incredible experience. I went there and made a film of it. I knew it was going to be interesting. The remedies include all kinds of interesting things like fire ceremonies, charity work and even visiting a holy man, this strange man covered in ash who confirmed what was in the nadis to me. A number of gurus confirmed it. It was confirmed over and over again. It wiped everything I believed up to that point. I had been working as a traditional medium, but now I was starting to believe that everything in our lives is influenced by past life Karma. It was like a revelation. A new way of seeing things. That’s why I think my prophecies are so accurate because I think I’ve connected into the same energy as those people who wrote the Nadi leaves. Even more mind boggling is the concept that the people who wrote those leaves 5,000 years ago are still supposed to be living on Earth today. That’s hard for people to take on board. I have gotten to the point where I’ve started to believe incredible things without question. I’ve seen so many incredible things.

You’ve written about these experiences in your books, haven’t you?

Yes, in both “Messages from the Universe” and in my recent book, “Mystic Journey in India.”

And you’ve made a movie of your experiences, too?

Yes, we are taking it to Cannes in October. Three of us made it. A cameraman, an editor and myself. I hope we sell it in Cannes. We have a distributor already. My life has taken a strange path. I had no expectation of making films.

Do you think everyone has had a past life?

Yes, I do. I think everyone does have a past life, except some people might be here for the first time as well. I believe that people evolve through the animal kingdom. This might be their first time as a human but previously they may have been an animal. I think we come up through an evolutionary channel. A lot of people also spend time in the spirit world, as well. We are on the material plane, which exists in time and space. The spirit worlds are completely inconceivable to our understanding.  For example, I asked Doris Stokes what my friend was doing in the spirit world, and she told me he was playing cricket. I couldn’t believe it. But I think what happens is that people do what they’re familiar with in the spirit world. You live in a level that is almost like a completely alive, lucid full dream with time, space and form, but you’re actually living in a state that is beyond that. Does that make sense?

Yes, it does.

It’s hard to explain. When I look at the world around me now as we are talking to each other, I think of this world as a picture in your own brain. Chemistry has created this in our own brains. Images are coming in from outside, the world is upside down, our brain flips the world the right way up because the image on the back of the retina is upside down. It’s an illusion on one level because it’s constructed by the brain. Yet, even the external world, I believe, is consciousness. This material world is just one aspect of reality.

You talk a lot in your YouTube videos about ancient knowledge…

I’m very interested in the ancient knowledge. The Indians believe in huge, vast periods of time between dark ages and silver ages and gold ages. The Greeks had similar beliefs. We are on the edge of the dark age at the moment, moving into about 2000 years of golden age. The ancient man didn’t have to build things. They had powers we have forgotten. The Rishis that wrote those Nadi leaves must have had super human clairvoyance. This a huge thing for normal people to take on board. Some materialists can’t even accept telepathy, let alone saying that reality is not what we say it is.

I think there’s very little we understand about the world. Too much to disbelieve it.

I went to India and I saw Sathya Sai Baba who a lot of people have clobbered. The BBC really went for him. You can go there and see trickery. But you can go with an open mind. I saw him produce vibhuti (ash). I saw the ash appear inches from his fingers. I was so close to him I knew it wasn’t trickery. I saw the ash materialize. My understanding of reality snapped because I saw something that was completely impossible.

This is the true account of how psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker stumbles upon a 5,000-year-old Indian oracle that has his name written on it. When translated, it reveals the story of his life with 100% accuracy and proclaims what will happen in the future – even giving the exact time he will die. The oracle tells him that to turn the tide of providence, Craig must visit a frightening holy man who sleeps in a fire, perform strange rituals, and change people’s lives through charitable acts. Craig is just a normal western guy with a loving family at home but is told to go on an astonishing spiritual adventure that will shake his soul and leave him a changed man. You can purchase your copy by clicking here.

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