My Grandfather Reminds Us He Is There

13 December 2018 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My grandfather recently passed away a few months ago, and it was sudden, unexpected, and very difficult. However, we’ve been noticing a few things as the holiday season approaches, some things that no one can really explain.

Just a few days ago, I was sitting in my living room when I heard something fall in my kitchen. I went out and looked all around, but nothing was out of place, and I checked everywhere. Immediately afterward I had called my boyfriend to see if I could borrow his car. Now he’s a heavy sleeper and it was the morning time, so I had to call a few times and wait for him to answer. All of a sudden my phone said he had answered, as it started timing our call, but all I heard was a static CB radio. I said hello a few times, and could hear someone talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I assumed it was a bad connection so I hung up and called again, but he didn’t answer. I then proceeded to call a few more times, until he finally picked up. I asked him why he waited to answer until now because I assumed he had been awake because he answered before when I heard the radio, but he assured me that he had been asleep the whole time and hadn’t picked up the phone because he didn’t hear it. This whole thing wouldn’t be weird if my pap didn’t use to be a truck driver, who use CB radios all the time, and they say that spirits can interact with electronics.

Also, my uncle lives in Texas, (we live in Pennsylvania), and he lives with his best friend and his wife, and their kids. He showed his friend’s kids a picture of him and my pap the other day, and told them who his dad was, to which they said: “oh we know Dale (my paps name), he comes here a lot but he lives far away.” My uncle was speechless, they had never met or seen my pap before.

Just a few days ago my mother was home alone, and she has a little wind-up decoration of a mouse in a little wooden cradle, and when you wind it up, the cradle will rock and a lullaby will play. She got the decoration a few years ago because my Pap and grandmother used to have one exactly like it when she was little. But when she was home alone, the cradle started rocking and playing the song, and she hadn’t twisted the back knob to wind it up at all this year, it just started doing it on its own. When she told my grandmother, she said that she had an experience the other day as well, when she walked into her and my Paps room to grab something and caught a huge scent of my Pap. Now he’s been gone since May, so there really shouldn’t be any strong scents of him anywhere. But she was so taken aback that she started immediately crying and called my aunt.

And if this wasn’t enough, my other aunt had said that she was home alone unpacking Christmas ornaments the other day, when she felt something hit her head. She looked down and found a penny next to her, which had the year “1951” on it, which is the same exact year that my pap was born. But the best part of this story isn’t even those things. My brother is a truck driver for a company and was in a bad accident the other week when a person out of the state completely cut him off, to which he rolled his truck into the median. But the thing is, he came out of the accident completely unscratched when he should’ve had at least a few injuries, possibly even major ones. But all he had was a sore neck that the doctor said would go away in a few days. As I said before, my Pap was a truck driver himself and loved the job. Does my brother have Pap as a new guardian angel? And is he visiting everyone for the holidays and letting them know he’s there? I really really hope so.

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