The Door

18 December 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was the light that woke me.

The light from the night-light down the hall trickled into my childhood bedroom as I heard the familiar creaking of the opening door. As I looked down my bed towards the only entryway to my room, I did not see anyone that could be moving the door. It was opening by itself at such a slow and consistent pace that it didn’t even seem possible without some source of steady force. With my eyes glued to the door and my heart racing, I immediately sat up in my bed anticipating a hand to reach for the doorknob, or for a head to peek in through the gap, or for my older sister to jump in and scare me. She had never played a prank in the middle of the night, but it was the only logical possibility I could think of.

The light was seeping in, revealing more and more of my room and the groaning hinges chilled me and were almost deafening against the dead silence. Terror had its grip on me and I remained frozen, clenching the blankets around my waist. Just before the door reached its maximum range, it finally stopped. The room was so well lit that I could easily distinguish every corner of my bedroom from my peripherals. I could feel my heart pounding all throughout my body but I couldn’t move, not even to turn on the lamp next to my bed; I was too terrified to move my eyes away from the door in case someone or something appeared. Minutes passed after the door came to a stop and I remained petrified as my heart continued to pound so hard it felt like waves were rapidly crashing against my whole body. I stared down the hall and hoped to see a string or wire to reveal that someone was just trying to play a trick on me but no such luck. After staring at the door for almost 15 minutes, I finally chanced a split-second glance at my bedside light so that my right hand would know exactly where the switch was. While I was sitting at the head of my bed and staring at my bedroom door, I shot my hand to the lamp switch.

What I saw still baffles me to this day. The door was closed.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Courtney Rondeau

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