03 January 2019 | Creepy places, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have always been a skeptic, however, I had a really scary experience 5 years ago that I still cannot explain.

My friend and I grew up fishing together. When we got older we fished amateur bass tournaments and had a large tackle box that we shared. I was just starting pharmacy school and working as a clinical pharmacy intern nights in a local hospital. There was a tournament in the morning that I had to miss because I had to work late so I promised my friend that I would drop off our box after I got off so he could fish the tournament with someone else.

I pulled into his driveway around 12 am and walked to his garage, which is detached and sits in the back of his lot. The garage is old and creepy. It is also the physical barrier between his property and his nice elderly neighbor Merle’s property. I walked to the back of his house and entered the garage. Immediately upon entering, I got the most intense feeling of imminent doom followed by the overwhelming urge to urinate. I can’t explain the feeling but I had full body goosebumps and felt like I needed to run. I threw our tackle box and ran out but the need to pee was so intense it hurt. I stopped in his dark backyard and peed on a tree.

As I was relieving myself I saw an old man who looked exactly like Merle the neighbor peering around the back of the garage except his face had an expression of extreme freight and his eyes were black holes. I was rattled but tried to go see if he was ok, he looked like he needed help and it was after midnight. When I walked to the back of the garage he wasn’t there, I called his name and even looked on his side of the garage. Nobody was there.

Scared, I ran to my car and called my friend. He didn’t answer so I left a message saying I peed in his backyard and Merle saw me. I laughed and wished him good luck in the tournament.

The next morning he called me early and told me that right after I called him his street was full of ambulances and firetrucks and that Merle had committed suicide at around midnight. Merle’s son heard his dad struggling and found him hanging in the back bedroom. At the EXACT time that I thought I saw him behind my friend’s garage! It still bothers me to think about it.


Submitted by B. Meinen


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