Deal with A Demon

18 January 2019 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’m Chris and this story is about me and my brother Cam. This happened in Late June of 2017. I’m a Marine Corps Veteran and the majority of my finances came from the VA. During the summer, the school I attended refused to process my enrollment to the VA and I couldn’t afford to pay out of pocket. At that time I couldn’t go to school, nor receive the money I needed for school. At that moment, I was facing eviction at my apartment complex. At this time I grew desperate and sought out multiple ways to get money. Someone I knew told me that if I made a deal with a demon, I may get exactly what I needed. I used to be religious and used to never trust anything concerning demons, but at this point, I no longer cared.

I did my research and even spoke to a Wiccan who had made deals with demons before. She told me everything I needed to know. Late one night during the full moon, I purchased everything I needed and went to my house to prepare. My brother was curious to do it too but was skeptical so I went first. I wrote down the deal with the demon I was told is known for finances. After not liking the deal, I threw it away and wrote a new one. Afterwards, I went into my room with all the lights off and conducted the ceremony. After waiting for a while, there was nothing that went on and I gave up. I came out of the room only to see Cam looking frightened. He said while I was in the room, he had heard strange noises coming from the door. I haven’t heard anything while being in there. Cam was too afraid to go through with it. Afterwards, I took my current deal and threw it away, along with the candles and symbol of the demon I wanted to contact.

The next day, after leaving my part-time job and picking Cam up from his, we went home to something quite strange. The first offer that I threw away in the trash was found on my window seal. On it was a small bloody handprint. Cam asked if I took it out and I said no. We were both frightened. To make things stranger, when the a/c broke in our apartment, only my room was ice cold.

On days Cam would be home, he would hear voices asking who he is and what he wants. This carried on for two weeks. It was to the point we were both terrified. I found both deals I made, ripped them up and tossed them in the dumpster. After three more days, my room was still ice cold, and I chose to stay in the living room with Cam. By the time we moved out, the room was no longer cold and everything was back to normal.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Christopher Patrick

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