The Priestly Ghost Who Haunts Our Home

22 January 2019 | Your Stories

Be careful of what you find in your house– sometimes the unknown is better off staying unknown. Take for example this new entry from Nicole. She now wishes she had never found that cubby hole…

When we renovated our current house, we discovered that it actually had a priest hole. For those who don’t know what a priest hole is. It’s a place where Catholic families could hide their priests during the purges in England. This little room downstairs had been wallpapered over for many years. When we broke through, we found that the room was empty. My husband suggested it would make a fairly nice cubby hole to store things, so we decided to open it up and use it.

A few years later our son was home alone and watching TV. The cubby hole was at the back of the room, behind where he was sitting. He suddenly felt cold on his neck. He turned and saw something like a man walk directly through the door to the cubby hole. He called us up upset but we actually thought at the time he was playing games. It was only a few months after that when the same thing happened to my husband that we took it seriously.

Those are the only two “manifestations” we have seen take place. But that room can turn deadly cold on a whim. It can be fairly warm one minute and freezing cold the next. The fire has actually blown out a few times. A blazing log fire just burns out. It’s a strange thing to see.

So that’s what’s going on in our house. Nothing scary but definitely I do wish sometimes we hadn’t found the cubby hole. It’s recovery seems to have sparked something else happening in our house.

Nicole Fairview, Lincoln

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