The Woodworking Ghost

25 January 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Submitted by John Parrish to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too, the following matter of fact account of ghostly activity in his house is really rather creepy. ~How many of us would be able to be so matter of fact about this if it happened to us?


I am an avid woodworking kind of guy and had a really nice woodshop in my basement. Usually, I would have all my wood products stacked in the correct order so as to not have to look for a piece I was needing. One day I went down to the basement and saw some of my wood moved from their correct place. I put them back in place and started making a piece for either my wife or my daughter. When I had finished, sometimes I would leave scraps on the bench and clean them up later. After getting back home from either shopping with my wife or just out for some fun, I would go back down and begin working on the piece. I got downstairs and saw some of the scraps had been moved. Not thinking, I just placed them in the trash can and went about working.

When finished, I cleaned up the area so as to not have to worry about doing it when I had to start on another piece. The next day I had gone down and saw some of the pieces I had placed in the trash were scattered on the workbench. I put the scraps back in the trash and emptied them outside in the dumpster. A few days later I started on a new project and again, I left some of the scraps on the bench. My wife had called out to me to go shopping with her. So I stopped what I was doing and went shopping.

We came back home, she put away the groceries and I went back down. I noticed some of the wood I was preparing to work with had been on the floor. I know no one was home at the time so, before I did anything else, I took pictures of the mess. After, I cleaned up the wood and started back doing the project. Once it was finished I cleaned up the basement and put everything back where they were supposed to be.

One night while sitting up in the living room, I heard a noise down in the basement. I went down and saw some of the wood was moved. I called out to my daughter to come and see. She went down with me and said, “What is wrong?” I said I had put all this wood back in place and now look at it. She thought I was kidding and laughed. I said, “I know I put it all back.” She suggested I place a recorder down in the basement and let it run all night.

So I got my recorder and set it on the workbench and let it run all night long. The next morning after I got up and had coffee, my daughter and I went back down and took the recorder back upstairs. We started playing the recording and after about 10 minutes, we heard wood hitting the floor. Some were being thrown against the wall and some were thrown on the floor. This went on for about 35 minutes and then stopped. After that, my daughter told me something that was very interesting. She said sometimes when she was downstairs changing her clothes, she heard a voice coming from the far side of the basement. She said it startled her and ran back up.

This house I know was haunted by several spirits, a little girl and 2 adult men. My daughter used to call her Neala and one of the men Dennis. The other she said was mischievous and would do things like hiding things or just being a total turd. There were times he would go up the stairs to the bedrooms and just peek just above the landing at my daughter. After a while, she got used to it and would tell him to go away and he would.

These things which happened in the house are just a few of what went on and in time I will tell you some more.


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