The Vision that Saved my Sister

01 February 2019 | Audible Activity, Your True Encounters

I have one true story to share with you. Rather than a creepy ghost story, this falls under an angel story. So, though it does not qualify as “weird darkness”, it is still supernatural, so I am sharing it.

From 1972 to 1973, my family lived in an old house in a small town named Lindsey, California. At this time, my older sister, Nicki was 8 and I was about 6. Nicki and I shared a very tiny bedroom that fit just our bunk beds and one dresser. Nicki got the top bunk and I got the lower bunk.

One night my father was woken out of his sleep. He says that he opened his eyes and at the foot of his bed was an image in white that appeared to him, in the image of Jesus. My dad heard him say “go to Nicki now”! So, without hesitation, my dad ran into our bedroom and at that moment, Nicki was falling off the top bunk with the torn trim of her pink blanket wrapped around her neck. My dad caught her as she was falling, completely twisted in her blanket. He saved her from hanging herself.

My dad has always felt it was Jesus, or perhaps an angel, but either way, he has always felt blessed that he was visited that night.

And, one other thing that I wonder about always. From about 17 to 26, I would frequently see ghostly people outside along the freeway, or roadways and many times they were children. I would only see them for a few seconds, then they would be gone. Then one day, I quit seeing them. I have always wondered why and I wish I could see them again. I live in Northern California and it was not always in the same places. It would happen all over.

Submitted by Sue Harlow to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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