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28 February 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My latest book is Motel Hell. It’s a collection of reviews and tales of Hotel and Motel hauntings many taken from places like Trip Advisor. I’m really interested in hotel experiences still and I found this one on Reddit this morning….. Air BnB in Iceland and quite creepy (Its edited for readability).

Staying in Iceland for 2 weeks in an Air Bnb, the host couple are great and can’t do enough and you can tell they have incorporated hipster tastes in to their design of the basement converted studio – a huge portrait of a crying child, sticky labels in the wall “welcome to the dungeon, smile”, a fake trap door, proper rustic decor – not my taste, but 2 weeks is fine.

Anyway, both I and my partner wake up in cold sweats about 5 times a night at the same time. We have resorted to sleeping with the window open and heating off but still no avail.

The first night, I woke up and she was frozen, she could talk and she was responsive, but not able to move. She told me she had woke up and felt watched so she asked for a sign, saw nothing but her body froze.

I wake up repeatedly and am transfixed on this old lamp on the side. Last night I could hear my GF calling to me from the bathroom at about 2 am. I was trying to sleep and so ignored her. The next thing, I felt the bed push down as if she had just climbed in. I opened my eyes thinking something was going to be standing over me, but there was nothing and my eyes were hooked straight on the lamp.

Last night we were watching a horror film, Hereditary. Didn’t think much of it. Halfway through the film (a big aspect is a girl haunting a kid by tongue clicking), from behind us, right behind us we heard a “cluck”. We said it must be pipes or something, but we both had the feeling that something was aware of what was happening on the screen in the room and tried to imitate it.


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