Kids that see Sparkles….

28 February 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’m not a writer, and this will not be that long, but this is about something that used to happen to me quite often as a child. Like most kids, I had an occasional nightmare. I would run to my parent’s room and they would allow me to sleep with them for the rest of the night. Some of my most vivid memories are from these nights.

This happened between the ages of approximately 3 and 7. I would crawl into my parent’s bed and wait for the sparkles to appear. That was what I called them. They were all different colors and about the size of a large piece of glitter. They appeared to give off their own light. They would usually come from the corner of the room and toward me. They would move all over and there were hundreds of them. I loved them and called them my friends. I would try to touch them and they would swirl around my arms, but I could not feel anything. My parents could not see them and would be confused as to what I was doing.

I bought a book from Amazon some years back that I believe was called Children who See Sparkles…or something like that. There were some similar stories, however, some people found them to be terrifying, and I found them to be something that brought me peace. I’m wondering if you have ever heard of this or have any idea of what it could have been. Our house was not old, but there was a creek in the back (Texas) where I found arrowheads and knew that many native Americans had once occupied that land.

I don’t see them anymore, but I do wish I did.

I was hoping my son would, but he never has.


Submitted by Katie Jo to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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