The Mystery Caller

04 March 2019 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

One lady had just recently moved into a new house. She got a phone call from an old lady who advised her not to use the gas oven until it had been looked at. When asked for an identity, the caller simply said,

Your landlord knows who I am.”

The lady had the oven checked and found it to be faulty and actually very dangerous. Naturally, she wanted to reward the caller who had warned her and assumed it was someone associated with the landlord. She contacted the landlord and explained what had happened. The landlord went very quiet before telling her that previous occupants of the home regularly had had strange calls from an old lady offering advice as well.  The lady in question was actually the long-dead original owner of the home.

Reproduced from Ghosts In The Machines

Also in Audiobook format read by Darren Marlar.


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