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This happened almost twenty-five years ago when I was a young girl. I grew up in a small town in Michigan nicknamed “The Friendly City.” My neighbors were all very close and we frequently visited each others’ houses. One neighbor asked if I would house/cat sit while she went on a 3-day shaman retreat (she is Native American) and I agreed.

The first day went well and there were not any issues whatsoever.

The second day, I invited my friend over to the house with me while I fed the cats in the afternoon. We decided to hang out in my neighbor’s side media room and watch tv for a few hours while sitting with the cats.

She went to the kitchen to get some snacks for us and shut the door to keep the cats inside. A few minutes later the doorknob of the room started rattling as if someone was trying to open it. Assuming it was her, I yelled: “Do you need some help?” There was no answer.

Walking over, I pulled the door open and saw her just coming back from the kitchen, hands loaded with frozen fruits, chips and gummies. There was no way that she could have been trying to turn the doorknob.


She denied trying to open the door and we shared a look of fear as it washed over us. We came under the impression that someone had to be in the house.

I quickly turned off the tv and gathered up our things while she shut the door, bracing her back against it in case someone tried to get in. Suddenly she starts screaming with a spine-shattering intensity.

I turned around.

The door was savagely being thrown open and slamming shut with an incredible force. A force so strong that a 13-year-old girl was doing absolutely nothing to slow it. Her body was whipping back and forth, sandwiching her between the door and the wall and slamming her violently between the two.

I was frozen in disbelief for several seconds as I watched the scene before me.

There was no one on the other side.

Not knowing what to do I ran over and pushed against the door with all my might to keep it from thrashing her. Even with two people holding it, there was no stopping the force behind the door. After over a dozen or so slammings, as suddenly as it started, it just stopped.

We peered out the door, saw the coast was clear, grabbed our things and ran out of the house, locking it quickly behind us. My poor friend was hyperventilating and sobbing so much she could barely catch her breath but man could she run. She looked at me when we neared the safety of our homes and asked: “Lynnsey, what was that?” The only thing I could muster was “I don’t know.”

After running to my house, explaining what happened to my parents and taking my friend home, my parents and I went back along with our 140 lb Rottweiler to inspect the house.

The house was quiet, The air was light and sunlight seemed to filter throughout the rooms. Every window and door was secured. We inspected every closet, room, storage area, everything. There was no sign of anyone else in the house but us.

Later, when my neighbor came back and we told her the story, she confessed to us that she opens her home as a haven for lost spirits, those who have no place to go or that are waiting to cross over. Healing spiritual entities was part of her shaman training at the weekend retreat.

She said that the spirits were probably upset that my girlfriend was not specifically invited into the house by her before she left and they were simply protecting her (and their) home.

I’ve been back there many, many times and have never had another incident but that was certainly a poignant and significant experience for a pair of 13-year-old girls. My friend refused to enter that house ever again.

I ran into my friend a few years back. That experience traumatized her so much that she completely erased it from her memory.

It’s funny how different we reacted, I was thrown deeply into learning about the spiritual side of life and she now adamantly refuses to acknowledge it.

While certainly scary, that day opened my eyes to the layered possibilities of our spiritual world and I would never change the fact that I was there and experienced that moment.

So yeah, it helps to look at things from a spirit’s perspective once in a while. Sometimes we are the uninvited ones…


Submitted by Lynnsey

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