Strange Attachments

01 April 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Frequently when I fall asleep, due to my intense lucid dreaming abilities, do I wake up in the middle of my sleep cycle to something very surprising! Sometimes it is an actual creature, like a squid or crab. The crab actually came in with full water all around it, like an ocean tide. The squid simply hovered above me. Most of the time though, I see shimmering white molecules in the shape of hairless human-like figures standing tall over me. As soon as I see them, I usually let out a shocked yell, but than fall back asleep as they disappear.

So, what are these strange angels that are nearby as I enter the astral realms? From where do they come and who are they exactly? We can take interpretations from culture, religion, fantasy and stories, but will we ever really know?

Below, I am going to explain to you some different theories that are out there on these entities. Keeping in mind that we may actually be able to alter these images into shapes that we subconsciously define. So, now its time to clear your mind and accept the power of the unknown.

OK, so there are many types of alien species that are described in several places throughout the Internet. However, the issue seems to be that these are mostly Earthen like, physical manifestations. As we all commonly believe that our souls can take different shapes, so to could an alien.

I often wonder if I attract not only the souls of the dead on this plane, but also perhaps the souls of intergalactic dimensional beings. The difference is simple, a ghost has seemingly human-like, or human race religious characteristics and alien has an airier countenance.

As well as ghosts attaching themselves to humans, so to can aliens attach. Frequently, a person who is affected as a vessel will receive messages, much like a medium translates those from the departed. They will reveal secrets as much as an Earthen energy would be prone to believe and drain your life purposes in order to live there’s.

So, why would we be an attractor for entities seemingly watching over us? The message is clear, we are a sort of vitamin source, an energy, a delicacy from which to steal fragments of our spirit, aura or being. True, just like spirits, they do each seem to have an intention and purpose. While we may never know the clear facts, it is possible that it is a loneliness which draws them in.

The definition of an angel is a messenger. So, these beings can definitely be referred to as that. They may have definitely taken a certain interest in all we do, but also subconsciously can teach us lessons through their behaviors, both painful and fantastical.

Maybe they truly are there to help us out. Maybe they have taken a liking to you. Maybe our ego would accept that we are so special, we draw in extra protection. The truth is that we need find the power deep within us instead, in order to glow bright and not let the darkness dim us.

Another case of seeing stranger beings whilst asleep is the demonic ones. They can be described as more aggressive, less intelligent and self-serving except for their own darkness. A sort of self-involved existence.

This kind will cause frequent nightmare, physical attack, horrible fear and a general exhaustion as they feed on your shadow. In the waking, we may be prone to experience more anxiety, depression and stress than normal. This is because we are depleted of all the positive attributes of our shadow nature by them.

They can take on sexual forms, such as incubus or succubus, in order to deprive us of the most vital point which grounds us in the root chakra areas (our base). It will cause us to be out of touch with ourselves, develop strange perversions, insecurity and addictions, which will ultimately make us blind to their existence about us, as we become to self-absorbed to notice anything else.

Ethereal Parasites
Another type of being identified is an ethereal parasite. These are classified such as above, where I saw a squid and a crab. They come in strange forms such as this in order to seemingly drain your aura.

From what I saw, they each escaped into a portal and disappeared as soon as they saw my eyes open. So, in essence their weakness is their solidity. They probably grow stronger in appearance and presence the longer they have been feeding on you.

So, me simply acknowledging their presence and shouting at them or telling them to be gone seems to do the trick for me. However, this is all theory and nothing is ultimately defined. We are still researching the matters of the spiritual world, so no one should take anything as a fact just yet! Only in speculation and consciousness can we begin to form ideas and conclusions.

Vampire is one who rises from the newly dead. It can take on many different forms, but in general, they are beings who suck on blood, or our life force in order to control us and dominate our species.

From their eyes can be seen a toxic darkness which has only primordial intentions to evolve and take over. They are known mostly to take over the heart chakra, which is where we can learn to love selflessly. We can play with the ideas of immortality and spiritual strength through these creatures.

However, one that loves and loves themselves completely in a beautiful and graceful way may naturally put up boundaries against these energies in order to sustain their minds for eternity. There is a poison which drifts through the presence of unwanted beings that our minds can’t tolerate and our instincts are real and worthy.

Strange Attachments
These beings exist in all dimensions and consciousness. They are more prone to be seen during sleeping because that is when our souls really see for us. They will still be around in the morning in some regard, having left their mark.

Anything attaching itself to you may frequently cause you to feel claustrophobic, strange pressures, isolated or just like no one can help you or understand, except for the being. This is a technique to gain control over you.

In conclusion, strange attachments are necessary for us to come up against in order to build our species up. They may be intelligent or strategic in their maneuvers, so remembering where we belong and who we are can ultimately guard us from anything that does not go with us.


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