A Stoned Ghost?

12 April 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

An Oregon marijuana shop has been the subject of some media coverage recently as a result of some strange activity there – and not by the patrons! Jars moving by themselves, pencils and pens rearranged and other such activity. And all caught on video tape as well. In case you think this video has been doctored or played with, this is a marijuana shop in the USA – the video is mandated by law and tampering with it is a criminal offense. Take a look for yourself.


The video evidence corroborates months of other weirdness in the store:

  • doors locking people out of offices
  • strange sounds in the storeroom
  • small items being moved around
  • “orbs” of light “flying around like crazy”

Five Zero Trees Oregon City occupies the site of a former pharmacy, and the cannabis store mirrors the layout of the old pharmacy. Some think it’s the old pharmacist tidying up, “or the ghost of his cat, pushing stuff off counters.”




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