The Strange Case of Swedish Twins

02 May 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In 2008, the strange case of Swedish twins – Ursula and Sabina Eriksson – was big news in the UK. Traveling to Liverpool via Ireland, the two sister’s bizarre behavior got them ejected from a bus at an M6 service station. From there, they were spotted on the central reservation of the M6 motorway – quite a dangerous place to be. They ran from police into traffic and were both hit by passing vehicles at high speed. This was all televized by a TV crew that happened to be on the scene at the time. Ursula was badly injured and hospitalized and Sabina was knocked unconscious but refused medical assistance when coming around. Instead, she attached the police and was arrested.

Sabina was later released from custody and spent some time wandering around Stoke still clutching her belongings in a see through plastic bag. Eventually, she met two men, one of whom felt sorry for her and offered to take her home and to help. His offer was accepted but she stabbed him to death the next morning, fled the scene hitting herself with a hammer, attacking another person and the jumped from a bridge onto a busy road and was badly injured. Arrested in hospital she was found guilty of manslaughter but eventually released to return to Sweden. You can read the complete and totally weird account here.

So what was it that caused these two twins to behave in such a manner? Apparently, they both reported feeling unwell on the bus…… They appeared convinced they were being poisoned and suffering from other delusions….. Was there a paranormal reason behind their behavior perhaps? We will likely never know.

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