We Met the HatMan

13 May 2019 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

One morning around 4 am I walked to go meet up with my cousin L. She was a supervisor at Macdonalds who worked the night shift/pre-morning shift. At that point in my life I was 17 and she was 22-years old. I guess you can say we were young and dumb. We smoked a lot of weed and partied a lot.

That morning I had rolled a blunt and woke my little cousin up and asked if he wanted to come with me. He was like no I just fell asleep so I let him sleep. The walk was about half a mile from our place. It was still pretty dark by the time I reached my cousins’ work.

On our way back from her work, I told her I got a blunt, wanna walk and smoke, or wait til we get home? She said let’s go to the docks and smoke, and watch the sun come up. I said let’s go. Now keep in mind the docks are located at a pretty big park which is located behind a library. So we get to a dock station closest to the pond. I spark the blunt and begin to pass it to my cousin. She’s smoking talking about something – I forget what. Then she gets quiet and says what the hell is that?

I’m laying on the bench face to the stars. She’s say to me – no get up, there’s someone over there looking at me. I sit up and I see this man who looked like Van Helsing. He was pacing back and forth. I was like damn what the hell! Then this thing, whatever it was stopped, and looked in our direction. My cousin says let’s go…. I agreed. So we start walking. The next thing I know my cousin was saying – Hurry up, I think its coming after us!

We began to run but my cousin fell. She yells for me so I stop and turn around to get her up. There he was literally right behind her. I pick her up, give her my pack of cigarettes and tell her to offer one prayer with it and hurry up. I then pulled out my knife and started to yell at this man figure. There was one light post that was on and this thing was just pacing back and forth. That’s when I saw him. You couldn’t see his face, but he had a long trench coat on, and a Van Helsing hat. He was tall, probably 7 feet tall and had long fingers. He just turned around and walked down the path. Me and my cousin were so scared that we were sober again and walked the main road all the way home.

Submitted by Manolo

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