The Love Spell

14 May 2019 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was going through a break up with my daughter’s mother and wanted her back so I investigated a “cast a real love spell “website”. I followed the instructions and decided to light a candle. Well, I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. My vision began to strobe and I got up almost immediately as my phone rang. To my surprise it was my ex and the first words out of her mouth were when I get taxes back where do you want to move? We had a conversation for about an hour and just before hanging up, I blew out the candle and went to say my goodbyes and she had no clue what I was talking about and hung up on me.

Well, I went to bed (this is when it happened). I woke up at 3am and got up to go to the bathroom. A light above the sink was on. As I passed on my way back to bed, I noticed the light was off so I flipped the switch and went to walk away. The light was flickering so I turned to see what was wrong and it was this moment that I saw a black shadowy figure standing before me. I back peddled into the wall behind me and said “oh yeah,” flipped the switch but no light came on so I ran to my bed and hid under my covers. I then felt/saw in my head something dark climb on top of me and I felt it reach into me pulling and pulling. I managed to gather enough strength to throw it off me and then passed out immediately.

My ex and I are going on 6 years and happy as can be!! I revisited the website and noticed just below a picture of the web mistress and spell caster it said “You will feel my presence”.

Submitted by Adam

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