The Thing in my Dreams

16 May 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I don’t know why this is happening, but I keep having the same dream over and over.

It starts out in a woods, and it’s all misty and cold. I can actually feel the cold in my sleep. I never have control of what i’m doing. I walk down this long narrow path and I stop at a gravestone. It always has different names on it. The few I remember were names like, Elizabeth Kalchet, and Harry Dansor. Then I sit down next to the stone and start to play this weird flute. It has a skull at the end and the spot where the eyes would be are painted all black. Once there was even the eyeballs there. The tune I play is eerie, almost like one you hear at a funeral. Then this creature comes out. It’s terrifying, and I mean, run away screaming terrifying. It’s very tall, about 8 and a half feet, and it has long sharp fangs. It has no hair, but instead green horns sticking out in all directions. It has no face, just gaping holes for the eyes nose and mouth. This… Thing digs into the ground and pulls out the body. If you don’t like gore, I’d skip this part. It will rip out the intestine and slurp them like spaghetti. It rips apart the body, and eats it piece by piece. I guess I cant really say it eats it, because it doesn’t have any teeth. It just… shoves it down its throat. Then it turns towards me and reaches out and i always wake up curled up in a ball sweating.

Does anyone know what this could mean? Please help, I really hate the feeling this dream gives me.

Submitted by Grace to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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