I Collect Haunted Items….

29 May 2019 | Haunted items, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hi, my name is Kris from Oregon. I tend to collect haunted objects. I just gained a new one, a 1971 jack in the box. A little boy is allegedly attached to this item. The first night I had him. I was, along with everyone else in the house (I live with two of my aunts), asleep and I woke up to something still hazy and then I heard talking I didn’t recognize. I could have sworn I heard the box clicking open, as he’s in my room, I look (tv is still on so I have light), he’s still closed but now I’m trying to figure out the other noise, not the TV as I could barely hear it. Plus, it was coming from a different direction and was really loud. I get up and realize that it’s a toy I got for my niece that’s in the hall closet going off repeatedly. I just got it a couple of weeks back off Amazon, brand new. I can’t imagine that batteries would be acting up. I opened the door and checked it out. I checked it out the next day and played with it, nothing seemed odd and it still sounded good. Only plays once and stops .. As that night, once it stopped it started back again as if someone just kept pushing the button with little pauses in between.

I do believe that one of my spirit kids (there are 5) was enjoying it. The toy is a baby shark that sings and dances to the song, ‘Baby Shark’ as most kids these days love it.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Kristina Hale.

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