Unexplained Sightings at RAF Base

20 June 2019 | Your True Encounters

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I had ever seen a ‘ghost’. I’ve never actually put the experience down on paper (so to speak). I spent quite a few years with the Royal Air Force, my first posting was to RAF Buchan, situated in a small village called Boddam, around thirty miles north of Aberdeen. This would have been in the middle of July 1996.

My billet was a small room (we didn’t have to share) and it was based at the back of the building (Tiree Block). Being on the top floor I was afforded a fantastic view of the North Sea, bleak in the winter but stunning in summer. To give you a rough idea of the layout of the room, my bed was next to the window. Between the bed and the window was a table with a digital alarm clock and above it a light attached to the wall with a cord to switch it on or off. The door was on the other side along with some cupboards and a wash basin.

Fast forward to December of that same year, the Sunday directly before Christmas Day (22nd). I had been reading before deciding to get my head down, this would have been 23:20 or 23:21. I placed my book on the table, turned over onto my left side, pulled the cord to switch the light off and closed my eyes. Immediately, I had an overwhelming feeling of fear, that someone was in the room with me. I turned my head over my right shoulder and clearly saw a white figure stood facing me between the storage units and the door.

By this point I was scrambling with my right hand to find the cord to switch the light back on. I watched this figure turn away from me and as I managed to finally grasp the cord and pull I saw this ‘shape’ move towards the door before finally fading away. I knew I hadn’t been sleeping as the bedside clock only showed 23:22 or 23:23 so only two minutes had passed. I was pretty shaken by the whole experience, so much so that I eventually moved to another part of the building and for the remainder of the time I spent in that room I’d never try to sleep in darkness again, I’d always leave the television on.

In the days after, I remembered that three or four times in the months preceding that night I had actually woken with a start convinced I had seen someone in the room with me. However, I had put these down to waking suddenly and having images from a dream still in my mind or my eyes were adjusting to the dark. I also debated whether I had imagined the whole thing but the room itself was always bathed in some ambient light, the curtains were RAF standard issue (i.e. very thin) and the lighthouse from the village was also visible. My door was also locked.

To this day, I’m convinced that what I saw was real. I’d never saw anything remotely ‘scary’ like this before and haven’t since. As a closing note, I never told anyone about this at the time. Not a soul. However, the guy who was in the room directly below mine had asked to be moved to a different building. I asked him one night when we had all had a few beers why he had wanted to move. He wouldn’t go into any great detail but said that a few times he thought he had seen something in his room. I didn’t press him for any further details and certainly kept my mouth shut about my own experience.

Prior to what happened, I would have described myself as an unbeliever. However, after that night I’ve learned to keep a very open mind.


Submitted by Scott McCallum to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too



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