The Hooded Demon

02 July 2019 | Demons, Haunted houses, Old hag, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was 3am. I was laying in bed. My room was dark and the only light came from the mobile phone in my hands. Then, my phone’s battery died and I couldn’t see an inch in front of my face. I placed my phone on my pillow and laid down staring into the darkness. Slowly, my eyes adjusted to the darkness. It was at this point that I realised I wasn’t alone. There, standing beside my bed, was a dark figure wearing a hooded cloak. At this point in time I had a friend staying at my place so when I say this dark figure, I instantly laughed thinking I was the victim of a practical joke. Suddenly, the figure lunged at me hitting me in the chest. I was stunned. I’d never felt such pressure in my life. It was as if an anvil had been dropped on my chest. I thought this intruder must be holding me down with some object. I looked down at my chest to see what I was being held down with. I gasped as there was nothing touching me. Where the hands of my attacker should have been was nothing – just a space where the hands should have been then the wrists of the figure. I looked up to see the face of my assailant but all there was beneath the hood was a dark void. I realised I could see through my attacker as he was transparent like a ghost. Struggling with all my might, I tried to sit up but it was no good, he was too strong. In my mind, I prayed to Jesus to help me. Again, I tried to sit up.  With all my might ,I pushed and I sat up and swang a punch at my attacker as hard as I could. My first was a centimeter from his face and – poof –  he turned into a puff of black smoke and my fist went straight through him and he disappeared. I jumped from my bed and hit the light switch but the hooded demon was gone.

Submitted by Brownie

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