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04 July 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

About 13 years ago my sister lived in a house in a not so great neighborhood. You came in through the kitchen, then the dining room and turned left into the living room. Behind the living room was a hall to the main bathroom and all the bedrooms. The couch was positioned with its back to the hallway.

At the end of the hall was a bedroom that always creeped us out. We didn’t ever go in there or in the half bath that was inside it. She mostly has boxes in there.

Well, my nieces’ nursery was right beside that room and we always had weird stuff happen in there. One time my sister was asleep and heard a voice scream one of my nieces’ names in her ear. She got up and ran in the nursery and saw a dark figure over the crib. My niece had gotten tangled in the crib bumpers. The figure looked at her and disappeared.

Now, that was the least creepy thing. Whenever I was over I used to have nightmares about the main bathroom covered in blood. I have a lot of nightmares so I never thought anything of it.

Until one night I was supposed to be babysitting while she went on date night. I was laying on her couch and she was in the bathroom taking a shower. I’m just hanging out and I hear her call my name.

I called out, “What?” And she yelled back, “Nothing!” I just shook it off as her being annoying, and it happened three more times. Finally I got up and stormed to the bathroom door and knocked as loud as I could.

I said, “You’re going to wake up the girls. Why do you keep calling me?” She was quiet for a second and said , “I’m not calling you.”

I was pretty creeped out, but I went to sit back on the couch to wait for her to be done showering. Then I heard the door of the back bedroom creek. I turned around, looked down the hall and saw the door open itself. And in my sister’s voice I heard it say “Hey, come here.”


She moved out soon after. All kinds of crazy stuff happened there. We later found out that a man killed his mother in her bathroom and then killed himself a few years before she lived there.

We couldn’t remember the address when we found the news story, but it was on the same street. I think it was definitely in that house.


Originally posted to Reddit by u/forrester1290

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