A Haunted Toy?

09 July 2019 | Haunted items, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have a 15 month old boy named Zeth (yes with a Z) and since his birth, now and then, interesting things have happened. When he was a few months old, he would look at the corner of the ceiling smiling and laughing at nothing; He would do it at his daycare too.

About 3-months ago, my wife was home with him and he fell asleep on the floor by her side. She started taking pictures of him sleeping and in one a ball of light is next to him. It was in the middle of a sunny day and only that one photo. So fast forward to last Sunday and my wife had left to go shopping in the morning while I stayed with Zeth. We were in the living room – which has a small bathroom in the one corner and then his toy chest is by that. I was on the couch in the middle of the room while he played near the toy chest. A quick note here; when he’s shy or unsure of someone he comes and hides between or behind my legs. So he’s playing when he suddenly stand up and looking at the corner the bathroom is in, starts to walk sideways to me and pushes himself between my legs. All the while he’s waving at the corner and saying “bye…bye pap.”

Now my father in-law is Pap Pap and Zeth will call him Pap Pap, not Pap. My father is grandpa, but MY grandfather is Pap. So I ask him “Zeth, who do you see? who are you saying bye to?” He just stays in my legs waving at the corner saying “bye..bye pap.” I’m unsure but not worried as I get up and walk into the corner and look at Zeth, urging him to come. But he stays by the couch. He’s not acting scared or crying but rather seems unsure. I come back and try to get him to play with his toys and he starts to do so.

Now he has a rather large red and yellow dump truck that was a hand-me-down from a relative. If you press its roof the truck will talk and move around. Well the first day we turned it on for him he FREAKED out, like crying and running from it even though he has other toys that do similar things. So we leave it off and he doesn’t mind it and will push it around. Well, I get him to play with his toys but he keeps looking at the corner now and then. He’s holding this dump truck and pushing it around when suddenly he stands up and quickly walks away from it while whining. I’m like “ok…its off.” “what’s wrong Zeth?” I ask as I push the roof of the truck to show its not on. Zeth walked to the far side of the living room and looked at me. I picked the truck up and standing half way held it out to him. “Its ok Zeth its off,” I say. He steps back more till he’s against the wall and whines. I look at the truck. “Ok this is strange,” I think as I hold the truck. I didn’t feel uneasy or anything, but this truck is scaring my son. Nope, not letting that happen. “Ok Zeth, Mr. dump truck is going to go bye bye ok?” I said as I opened the back door (also in the living room) and set the truck on the back deck. No sooner had I closed the door then Zeth ran up and started hitting the door with his hand and saying “bye…bye.” He then ran into our kitchen to the window overlooking the deck and hit his hand against it while pointing out the window and saying “that…bye…bye that.”

I watched him do this for a minute before taking him back into the living room. He looked at his toys and gave the area a wide birth as he walked around it. I couldn’t get him to go play with them again or go in the corner where the bathroom door was. He didn’t cry or anything, he just would stand and stare at me as I moved his toys around. Well I was unsettled because my son was bothered by something so I finally turned on the TV and sat him on the couch with me. He was fine after that and I was about to call my wife and ask her to come home soon but she got back a few minutes later.

Once she was home, Zeth was fine. he walked to the bathroom door and played with his toys. I told her what happened and it was agreed. F that dump truck. I tossed it in the trash. Still not sure what happened? We were worried something may have happened to my grandfather Pap but nothing has. We both believe children can see things we can’t.

I have my own feelings about it. I think He saw his guardian angel that day in the corner. He wasn’t scared but shy and unsure. Why his angel may have been there? Well my mother in-law put it best. “Maybe something was trying to come through that truck and Zeth’s angel had to come to keep him safe. I don’t really know and that’s ok. Strange things have surrounded Zeth now and then, even before my wife was pregnant with him. Two-years before Zeth came,  we were at my cousin’s house visiting with him and his wife. There was a storm rolling in as we were talking about names for our future kids. I said we picked out Serenity and Akadia for girls. When my cousin asked about boy names, I said Zeth. As soon as I said that, a huge clap of thunder shook the house. coincidence?

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Hauntedlifetoo by name withheld.

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