A Trip to Wales

10 July 2019 | Haunted houses, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

About 25-years ago, I and a few friends went to stay for a week at the small Welsh estate of a work friend. He had inherited a small parcel of land and a 16th Century house on the coast in mid Wales and rented it out to help keep it maintained. As it turned out, the house was very haunted.

On arrival, we decided which bedrooms each family would use. We chose the master suite, my parents another room and some friends yet another leaving one bedroom free. The entry hall was quite grand, wood paneled, very gloomy with a staircase that came down from both sides to a central balcony and from there, to the ground floor. Later, we were to discover a Priest hole in the floor of the hall – essentially a steep ladder led down to a square room about 10 feet below ground. Claustrophobic and damp, the room was used to hide in.

The first event was that my parents complained that someone or something kept pulling the bedclothes off of their bed during the night. While my Father found this intriguing and set out to explain it or catch whatever it was doing it! my Mother was scared so she moved into the spare bedroom. There, she spent one night battling the bedside light which kept switching on and off all night long by itself. Convinced it was a faulty wire, she disconnected the plug from the socket but rapidly rejoined my Father in the other room as the light continued to switch on and off by itself.

Although I felt ill at ease the entire stay, nothing occurred around me and our friends didn’t complain either. Our eldest son did tell us all though that, in the night, he had gone downstairs for some reason and on the balcony part of the staircase, the painting there had ‘watched’ him. Its eyes followed him he said and he refused to use that staircase for the remainder of the trip.

After the week was up and we were leaving, I handed the keys over to my friend’s on site manager – an ex-army colleague. “How was it?” he asked me…… I told him of my parents’ experiences and of the painting. He raised an eyebrow and said “Yes, it does like to play a trick or two on visitors, this house….”

G. Michael Vasey

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