Hotel Room Hell

15 August 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was 15 I traveled to Europe with my family. We stayed in Ettal, Germany in a small inn for a few nights. My parents had a double [bed] on the second floor, my sisters had the double bedroom next to theirs, and I was lucky enough to have a single room all to myself at the far end of the hall.

When we went to check in to our rooms, as soon as I entered the hallway our rooms were in, I remember almost feeling as though I walked into a ‘wall’ of… bad energy? I just felt so unnerved and uneasy in that hallway, but I passed it off as an overactive imagination. I slept the first night without any issues other than waking up a few times. The next morning at breakfast, one of my sisters mentioned feeling really uncomfortable in the hallway, almost as if the air was ‘crushing.’ It unnerved me even more that I wasn’t the only one who felt weirded out, plus she was an adult at the time, so it further cemented in my head that that wing of the hotel was odd.

Later that night, I’m sleeping peacefully, when at about 2 am, I’m woken by something ripping the covers off of me and being jerked about 2 feet towards the end of the bed by my ankle. At first, I thought someone had broken into my room because when I turned towards what had grabbed me, A huge looming black shape was visible in the darkness, like a man was in my room. I frantically flipped the light on, only to have there been nothing there. The window was locked from the inside, there was no one in the closet or the bathroom, and my room was also still locked from the inside. I stayed up the rest of the night scared, playing Cooking Mama on my DS.

The next morning, we’re at breakfast and my sister mentions that she was up half the night because she thought she saw a person silhouetted against the wall of the room, but when she turned on the light there was no one there. It was just a bizarre and creepy experience, we checked out that day, so I didn’t get to experience anything after that, but it still freaks me out to this day.

Originally submitted to Reddit by Bright_Eyes10

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