Texas Oilfield Worker Encounters Aliens

06 September 2019 | Alien Abduction, UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hello, my name is Ronny Dawson. The story I am about to tell you seems too incredible to be true. I assure you it is. My images and story have been researched by experts across the globe. If I was trying to fake anything, I would have been called out years ago. I have even filed FAA Low Craft reports regarding the encounter. A crime punishable by law to fraudulently file such a report. The FAA suggested I file a report to NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center). The term they used to describe the craft in the photo’s was UFO.

The pictures were captured in 2011 but the story begins 2 years earlier in 2009. You see I am just an old truck driver. I work in the oilfield loading Petroleum Crude Oil and transporting it to pipeline facilities. It is nice working outdoors. I have seen enough sunrises and sunsets to fill 3 lifetimes. I often wondered if there are real UFO craft out there. Surely I would have came across one, but I had not, and I had been out in rural location at night across Texas for 24 years.

That all changed in 2009. I began seeing these balls of light that moved above the tree line. They came on, went off, dropped to the ground, popped back up then blinked out. You could hardly go out at night and not see them. then I saw my first craft. It was sitting above a rural vacation home. It was late afternoon and I was excited I was fixing to get a picture of this thing. The zoom lens opened on the camera and then it went dark with no reasonable explanation. I followed the thing as it left shining my spotlight on it. I was frustrated at my missed opportunity.

I contacted a friend of mine – Allen Odstrcil. I explained I wanted to video record a UFO while shooting a laser near the craft and record any beam deviation that might result from the crafts propulsion system. He gave me an odd look but agreed to assist me on this endeavor. This project was my way of thinking outside the box. A video of a UFO with a laser beam being distorted would be a solid piece of evidence in the case for proof of alien visitation. We were set and all we needed was for the ET to show up. To our amazement they did. A four light craft appeared. It was craft sighting number 3 in a 8 day period. I fired the laser all around the craft and upon its surface. Unfortunately there was no beam deviation that I had hoped for. The craft showed absolutely no sign of reflect-ability when the laser was fired on its surface. I took my eyes off the craft briefly to make sure my camera guy was recording this all. He was starring at the craft aghast with his mouth open and the video camera lay on the chair next to him. He had never seen a UFO before and the sight of it just bedazzled him. That and perhaps the fear that my laser might trigger a response from the thing that could leave our scorched remains imprinted on the ground where we had stood. By the time we got to the camera and powered it up the thing just simply vanished before our eyes.

I wondered how the ET might feel about us experimenting on their craft with our Earth Technology and I was about to find out. The next night I was just headed to bed. My feet had just left the floor as I laid in my bed. I heard a noise in the kitchen. I tried to get up to check on it and realized I was frozen in my bed. My cat came running into the bedroom and joined me on the bed. The noise continued and then I saw something streak past the bedroom door. It was moving so fast my eyes could not focus on it. I could hear the opening of drawers and cabinets. then they streaked by again. this time one stopped in the doorway. I could see it clearly. it was about 18 inches tall and was transitioning from a 4 legged running position to standing vertically. It had a face like a old man. tight eyes and thin tight lips. It was wearing a very tight fitting body armor or had an exoskeleton. It looked at the other 2 then all 3 immediately ran under the bed I was trapped in. The cat ran out of the room and the things began bouncing me on the bed-frame. I could hear them clawing at the box springs and tearing the box spring cover. I was terrified and pissed off at the same time. I tried to jump out of this hold and kill these damn things. I could do nothing. They opened the gun cabinet where the laser was kept. The activity seemed to stop. suddenly I sprang out of bed and cursed and grabbed a golf club. It was like the actions I had attempted were frozen and had suddenly been released and know it felt like my body was acting on its on. I went on an alien hunt but they were gone.

I went a whole year and saw nothing. I wondered if I might never see anything like that again. I was working nights in rural Coleman County in North Central Texas. As I came upon my lease location I saw a 3 light craft leave the ground. I recognized the lights immediately. It went dark after lifting off the ground. I had a feeling it was still around. It appeared again a few hundred yards away. It went down to the ground. The lights were still on. I started a video and it leaped from 200 yards and landed on the ground again. It set there for a second then shot up and traveled a mile in 2 seconds then stopped. It went dark then appeared frightenly close to me. Then it started moving straight to my location. This was getting scary. I hid behind the tanks and then moved to hide behind an oilfield separator. I took a picture of the thing with a huge white light on a compartment underneath the disk. I could see the shape of the disk directly over my head blocking out the stars in the sky. I wanted to run but my legs were shaking so bad I could hardly walk. I got a picture from my hiding spot. I was just waiting for something to come charging at me from the darkness. To my relief it began backing away then went dark.

An F-16 jet streaked right over the top of my head and where the UFO was. It turned and headed out. It was not even out of sight when the lights came on again. There was a cluster of lights circling over my location. I readied my camera which was almost full already. The sky began changing color. it was like a fog bank was rolling in. Out of the fog came a monster of a craft. It was pointed like the tip of a giant sphere. Made of solid rock I thought briefly this may be a giant meteor. It passed over me and my location. massive in size and scope. it blocked out most of the stars and it took several seconds to completely pass over. If it had fallen out of the sky it would take a golf cart to drive around the wreckage. There would be no way to hide this thing from the public. I steadied my camera. This was the shot of a life time. The thing every photographer in the world dreams of. A once in a lifetime opportunity to catch something you will never see again and that nobody has ever seen before. I had to pull it off. This thing pendulated and slowed to a stop.

This has to be the most amazing sight anyone ever witnessed. Not enough light to make for a picture. The view screen just shows total darkness. This thing started moving again in a different direction. It began moving so slowly but then it began moving incredibly quick. Air was rushing across its surface. Twin vortexes where the air around it was rushing in to fill the vacuum it created. It was moving and my time to get the shot was running out. It would be gone forever. It was a mile away and I aimed the eye of the camera at it and hit record. It almost seemed like it stopped in mid flight and transitioned back at me. I was looking at its topside for the first time. A city embedded onto the surface of it. Odd structure buildings, towers with lights on them, a row of burning flares like a refinery process was going on, a series of glowing blue power-lines stretching across the surface. so much to take in but this thing was coming back at me. The thoughts of hiding again started. It stopped again and made a sweep around me and headed up to the stars at a 45 degree angle. In 4 seconds it was just stars moving across the sky again.

I was celebrating like a high school girl just asked to prom. ET is probably still laughing at me on Alien YouTube. I expected it to be all over the news. There are 3 radars within 150 miles- Abilene regional Airport, Dyess Air Force base, 600 mile military radar at Snyder, TX. Nobody saw a 1/2 mile craft fly over North Texas 3/2/2011 at 9pm. I find that impossible to believe.

We have been working to enhance the footage since 2011. New software in 2014 took us from 7 still frame images of the video to 32.This sighting continues to make the news all across the globe.

I published a book entitled Ronny Dawson UFO Story on Barnes and Noble and Amazon to tell the whole story and share the images. The images defy logic. I cannot begin to explain what they are. I can assure you they are authentic.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Ronny Dawson

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