No one Ever Believes Me About This

17 September 2019 | Audible Activity, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

But I’m thankful that I have my mom, sister, and grandma who all experienced it too. This strange… event? Still haunts me to this day. When I was 8 years old, I saw my pa die. Unfortunately seeing a person Struggle for their last breath isn’t something you can unsee. About a week after his passing, we (my mom, grandma, sis, and I) all came back to my grandma’s house after going shopping. Grandma went to check her messages on the machine since she had a few. One was just static, the other was static and inaudible voices. The last was much less static and the voice was very clear. It said “pa’s dead”. It was pa, there was no mistaking it. The sound in his voice was pure dread. We all knew it was him. Something added to the creepy factor. My grandma had a little fountain sitting on the microwave right next to where my pa always sat when he was alive. That was his chair. In the recording, you could hear that fountain bubbling nearby. I like to believe that this stuff isn’t real because it honestly scares the hell out of me… but that experience always comes back to me, and forces me to remain afraid of the unknown.

Originally submitted to Reddit by Captainswench

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