The Lady in the Church Yard

18 September 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Last year, I visited friends in the UK and we spent the weekend visiting old churches and other mystical places. The weather was beautiful and so at one church, we decided to sit on the grass and have lunch. The church was surrounded by its own little graveyard of course. I finished my sandwich and decided to explore the churchyard a bit. as I entered one corner of the churchyard – an overgrown and abandoned part – I had a vivid impression of a woman dressed in a long Victorian dress. She looked sternly at me and was plainly upset and annoyed waving me away. The atmosphere changed to to one of well – being unwelcome. I returned to my friends and mentioned that I had seen or had an impression of this woman to them. Of course, this prompted them to investigate too and both returned echoing my sentiment that there was an unwelcome feeling in that part of the churchyard.

I often see things and have all of my life so I wasn’t scared or anything. The woman was waving me away with her hands and gesticulating to me with an angry look on her face. I was puzzled as to what the reason for that was. However, we left after a short while and got wrapped up in other places. It wasn’t until a few days later when one of my friends sent this photograph she had taken in that part of the churchyard….

Now – take a look at the red circled area – what do you see? Yes, it’s just a gap between tree branches but… is that the Lady’s face? I think it is.

G. Michael Vasey

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