23 September 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was a young boy, I recall having several conversations with my grandmother about life after death. I can only have been 8- or 9-years old, but the subject always fascinated me as I had had several such strange experiences myself. She would often say that, if there were an existence after death, she would try to find a way to let me know. I would always initially agree to this and then tell her I would rather she didn’t. Fear set in, I suppose.

I had a very close relationship with my Grandmother and I had always wanted her to be at my wedding. However, by the time I got married, my Grandmother had already passed over to the other side. When we went on our honeymoon, I had a really strong feeling that my Grandmother was with me. I mentioned it several times to my ex-wife and as it turned out, it seemed that my Grandmother wanted to prove she was there after all.

I came in one day from the pool and took off my swimming shorts to take a shower. I hung the shorts on the shower door handle. When I finished my shower, the shorts were gone. I hunted for those shorts all over, but to no avail.

I went back to join my ex-wife by the pool and asked he if she had been in while I was in the shower. She said that she had not. When we returned together later that day, there were my shorts, right where I had left them. Of course, she thought this funny and assumed I had simply somehow not seen the shorts there – typical man type thing….

Things took an interesting turn when she looked for the little white prayer book that her Grandmother had given her when she was a girl and that she had brought with her. We hunted high and low for that little book and not just once, but several times, to no avail. It had simply disappeared. I laughingly told her that my Grandmother was hiding it to prove that she was there with us. When we arrived home a couple of weeks later, my ex-wife went as white as a sheet with shock when she opened the case she had packed that morning. There was the white prayer book at the top of the bag as if it had been placed there on top of everything else.

Proof? That and the shorts weren’t the only things to go missing and show up later where we left them or in another obvious place on that honeymoon and I do remain convinced that my Grandmother was giving me the proof that I had once asked her for.

Sometimes relatives do seem to come back to prove they are still around. My brother’s friend also had a proof story for me when we met. His Grandfather lived in a small house by himself and he collected pretty much everything and anything and so when he passed, it was full to the brim with junk. He spent some time at the house sorting through things and, at one point was washing some pots in the sink, when there was five slow and very loud thumps on the pantry door. Our friend stood for a moment; his heart thumping, as he knew that no one else was around. When his initial shock subsided, he went to the pantry and opened the door. There was no one there and there was no other way in. He was forced to conclude that this was his Grandfather proving he still existed somewhere and in some form after death.


G. Michael Vasey – Taken from My Haunted Life 3


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