Calling the Dead

26 September 2019 | Audible Activity, Phone Calls from the dead, What Is a Ghost? and other definitions, Your True Encounters

A woman was working as a telemarketer temporarily. She had been working at the company for only a couple of months when this incident occurred.

When making calls, the telesales person had a dialogue on the monitor in front of them to read from while talking with people. The computer dialed the number, so the actual call was completely random with no choice in who was called. The phone rang and a man answered. She asked to speak to Mr. or Mrs. Jones (not the real name), please. The man told her, “It depends on what you are calling about.”

She began her sales pitch and then asked if she was speaking to Mr. Smith. He answered with a laugh saying something like, “Yes. And just how much would I have to pay? I’m on Social Security, and my wife and I have to watch our money pretty close.”

As she was explaining the amount of money and options to the gentlemen, a woman also comes on the call and says, “Hello.”

Excuse me, I was talking to Mr. Smith,” says the telemarketer.

To her utter amazement and after a moment of silence, the woman said, “Miss, I’m sorry, Mr. Smith has been gone for three years now. He passed away.”


From Ghosts in the Machines by G. Michael Vasey


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