The Demon Dog

14 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This happened years ago. My best friend and I were driving around the small town we lived in. Me in the passenger seat and him driving. We would do this all the time.

When we were bored or just didn’t want to be at home. We would “cruise” around and tell jokes, parody songs we loved, and tell each other ghost stories. That night was jokes and laughing.

We had already been driving around for an hour or so that night and it was near midnight. We had turned down main street heading west after just leaving the only convenience store in town.
My best friend was Jimmy. Crazy and side splittingly funny 99% of the time. No different that night. We had gone a block down main and he yells, “RIGHT TURN!” And swing the wheel hard down a street that had an old feed store on the right, and an old video store with an alleyway behind it on the left.

At the entrance of the alley was a simple street light. We got onto the street and he stopped laughing instantly with eyes wide. I saw the creature a split second after he did.

It was on the right hand side near the feed store. We thought it was a dog, but it was built strange…..

Long front legs and rather short back legs. Which seemed even stranger when it took two quick jumps and ended up under the street light.
Heres why that is strange. That creature took two jumps right? Two jumps and cleared over 55 feet from where it was standing to where it stopped and turned to look at us.

It looked SIMILAR to a dog. A dog like head and body except for a heavily muscled front legs and very short back legs. So short that there didnt seem anyway that it could jump like that.

We both piped up “what the HELL is that??” Just as we said that it ran jumped into the alley with us right behind it.

There was no way possible for this thing to get out of the alley. No exit but the other end. We were literally a split second behind it……it was gone. Just gone. We raced down the alley thinking it actually made it to the end. Nothing.

We looked everywhere in the general vicinity and still nothing.

We then drove to the supermarket parking lot to discuss what we had just seen and try to rationalize it and identify.

Now, this was before the internet and Google. The only description I can give you is this, remember the demon dogs from Ghostbusters?
The gate keeper and key master? It was built like that, only a little slimmer.

We sat and talked for a time and the local town cop who was a friend pulled up to chat and kill time.

We were hesitant to tell him but excited at the same time. As Jimmy described it, the cops eyes widened and he got fidgety and nervous. He didn’t say much as to what it was or what he thought it was.

“You saw it!! DIDN’T YOU??” Jimmy almost yelled it at him.

Our police officer friend proceeded to tell us where he saw it Nd when. The opposite end of the alley and about 20 minutes before we did. And it was the same situation. He saw it, chased it, lost in a split second after it jumped into the alley.

Haven’t seen anything like that again, and never had a.decent explanation about what we saw… and creepy as hell…..

Submitted by Brad Hicks to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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