Dogs, They Know Evil.

15 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I’ve always felt like I’ve been followed by darkness…this is simply, one of many, many things I’ve experienced.

I grew up in a very “disturbed” neighborhood. Always neighborly drama, fights, and even death. The cops always showed up in our street due to the amount of issues. The neighborhood wasn’t very safe, so every house had gates and iron surrounding the windows, doors, and garages. Honestly, most of everybody in the neighborhood had dogs, large dogs to ensure protection.

So, it wasn’t unusual for us to hear barking all day long. We were used to it. My family and I had a dog as well, a mutt mixed with German shepherd and some other breed that I didn’t know of.

He was very protective of us and he was a BIG, BIG dog and he barked at basically anybody that came near our house.

But at night, when everybody went to sleep and there was no activity in the streets…the streets were dead silent. No noise, no barking, no nothing! It was the only time we actually had some “peace”.

My bedroom window faced the garage, in other words, the front of the house. My dog slept in the garage since it was open, only fenced around it and we didn’t have snowy, cold winters. So, he was pretty content out there!

But moving on…

I remember one night, I woke up to my dog angrily barking outside. It was very late! I looked at my watch and it was 2am! From my bedroom I could yell: Shut up, P! Be Quiet!!! He was loud, very very loud! I though he saw an animal or something on the streets. So, out of curiosity…I looked out of my window. And I? I saw nothing! The street was dead! There wasn’t even the sound of crickets. Very eerie to be honest but…I was too tired to make any thinking of it.
After telling him to stop barking, P stopped for a couple of minutes but then he started again. Only this time, he was very very angry! His barking was protective! Something was right in front of him in order to piss him off that way!

I got scared at this point! I mean, what in hell! Is someone trying to break in?! I asked myself.

I looked out of my window again and yet, I couldn’t see anybody out there.

But when I looked at P, he was barking right at the gate! He was trying badly to get a hold of whatever or whoever was in front of him. It felt like it was taunting him!

I’m not gonna lie…an overwhelming feeling of “there’s something out there” took over. I could see in P’s eye that he was indeed looking at someone. It was an uneasy, eerie feeling. I’ve seen ghosts before but this, this energy was NOT it. Whatever it is, it was evil and I could tell…it was also, watching me.
I tried to brush it off, I did try. I asked P once more to be quiet and said that there was nothing there! Here I am, trying to lie to myself so I can feel at peace again. But as soon as I talked to P, he barked once more and then..all of the sudden, he stared whimpering. I didn’t see anything hitting him but P coward himself to the corner of the garage and stared “crying”, like he was terrified!!! What in hell did that to P?! He was not scared of anything and there he was…curling up to a ball, laying on his own submissive pee. I froze! What was that?!

All I know is that, P and I were NOT alone that night. Something evil, nasty, eerie, terrifying was out there…looking at me, taunting my dog!

Deep in my heart, I know it wasn’t just a supernatural energy coming from a ghost…it was straight from hell. Nothing in the world will convince me that what happened that night wasn’t demonic. I could feel it.

I picked up my dog and took him inside, he was never the same after that night.

Trust your dogs, trust the animals because they see what we can’t. And they know…what’s from this world and what isn’t.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Joy Smallwood

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