The Lady in the Road

17 October 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story comes from my father. It happened when my father was 17. My grandmother wanted to visit my uncle Lupe, so she asked all of her daughters and sons if they were willing too take her. No one wanted to go except for my father.

They got on the road heading too my uncle Lupe’s house just outside of the city limits so driving on the road meant nothing but trees left and right. However, my dad noticed a young in her early 20s women just walking along the side of the road. The thing is though that when my dad got closer, it looked like she had no feet. It was like she was floating! mM father brushed it off as his mind playing tricks on him, but not until my grandmother asked him “did he see how the lady had no feet”. `My dad was frightened by this.

Many years later, I told my grandmother about the story that my father had told me. That’s when she filled the final piece of the story. She said once they arrived at my uncles house, she told him what had happened and he told her that a lady was killed in that road and many people had seen sightings of her wondering in the road. My dad was shocked by this because my grandmother had never told him.

Submitted by Jose

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