America’s Most Haunted Roads and Their Terrifying Legends

18 October 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

There are wonderful frights that tag along with the Halloween season. Witches, black cats, and ghosts to name a few. The scare is the best part of the season so it would only be fitting to visit these spooky icons that cover the areas of America’s most spine-chilling roads. The roads carry a shocking and unique story with each — get ready for goosebumps with every tale.

There is a spook meter that gathers the shocking legends from each road to measure the eeriness. The spook meter creates the ranking on a scale of 1.0–5.0, measuring each road by the number of ghost sightings, dangerous obstacles, deaths and accidents, and strange phenomenons. Skip below to see an overview of America’s 7 most haunted roads.

Mentioned with each road is a paired book, podcast or video from a credible source that researches paranormal happenings nationally and globally. Use these sources to dive deeper into the haunted road that terrifyingly intrigues you the most.

If you plan on visiting the haunted paths, you will most likely find technology failures, strange paranormal activity (including glowing orbs), unexplained screams in the distance, and of course ghost trails.

If you are brave and searching for a better scare, find the full chilling route that connects each road and the full detailed legends here. You’ll stumble upon the legends of America’s most dreadful road, Clinton Road.

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Haunted Roads of America

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