The Creature in the Woods

29 October 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

I was 6 when this happened so I don’t remember this that much… but here goes. This is what I do remember of that day.

It was a dark night and a  full moon, and I was playing with some of my cousins. It was very boring and dumb to us that we had to sleep so… we stayed up.

I told my cousins about many things that were very weird to me but I don’t remember the whole thing. All I do remember, is that I think that I told them about how I woke up one night and saw a figure out my hallway (with the kitchen on the right and the bathroom light on cracked for me in the hallway when I slept). I woke up for some reason though I do not recall what and saw it. So, I told them those stories and whatever, and we decided to ask if we could go in the woods near my house where some people lived. It sounds stupid to ask to go to the woods outside and my mom said no. I felt like someone was watching us. I told my cousins and they didn’t seem bothered. So eventually we slept.

I woke up to a sound I can never ever forget. It was like a screech, hiss, and a yell all at the same time. It sounded like backwards words were coming from the sound. I saw a creature and it it frightened me as it had an ugly mouth and face with blood all over it. My cousins were awake too and they were screaming except Damien who slept right next to me (as I thought). He said he saw a skinny tall human like “thing” that had its ribs poking out and very long legs and arms crying in the corner, He said it turned around and saw him see it and and it started running towards him. It tripped in its tracks over something in the dim room, so thats when he said we all woke up pulling ourselves out from under the bunkbeds and small beds, crying as the creature was on the loose.  We finally closed the door and kept the light on the whole night (also my mom never woke up which was very weird to me at least).


Submitted by Noah

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