Repercussion of using a Ouija Board

31 October 2019 | ouiji boards, Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

First off, I have been investigating the paranormal for 49 years. Having seen so much in this time, I have investigated some of the most haunted places here in Indiana. One place that stands out in investigating Central State Mental Asylum in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some of the best evidence was gathered there. Knowing the history of Central State made me want to investigate it even more.

The story I am about to tell you is true and I will state my reputation on it.

Back in 2003, my late wife bought my daughter a Ouija Board. I immediately told her to get rid of it. She asked me why and I told her, these devices can cause harm. She laughed it off and said, “Everything will be fine.” I said, “we’ll see.”

One day I was at work and received a frantic phone call from my daughter wanting me to come home right away. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she will explain when I got home. I got home and saw that her and her friend were huddled together, scared. My first words out of my mouth were, “You didn’t open the Ouija Board, did you?” My daughter said with some hesitation, “Yes.” I said, “I told you the ramifications of opening this device.” She said yes but was curious.

As the month’s went on, we kept experiencing activity around the apartment. Subtle noises like knocking on walls and doors, footsteps going up and down the stairs, whispering voices. This was just the start of things much worse. One day my daughter was up in her room when her door slammed shut by itself. She told me her window was closed so, no wind would have caused this to happen. She told me several time when she would be asleep, she would be woken up around 5am every morning from a voice that would yell at her to get up. After a while she said, it would annoy her and told whatever it was to stop and leave her alone. There were times she would go downstairs to the basement get some clothes and would her a voice from the other side of the basement, saying “Hello!” This frightened her so much, she ran upstairs. This would probably scare anyone.

After further investigating, I did find we did have 3 spirits in the house. One was a female child and the other 2 were adult males. The female she named Neela, the first male she named Dennis and the second male she named “The Shadow man.” The Shadow Man was the worst of all 3. This was the one who caused most of the problems, mostly against my daughter. This was believed to be the one responsible for yelling at her at 5am every morning and the one who slammed her bedroom door. This went on for about 6 to 7 month’s. Then the worst happened, my wife was up in our room when the phone rang, I said to her I would answer it, but before I could, she answered it. She said it was for me and so I picked up the phone. Just before I hung up, I heard my wife upstairs, screaming in agony. I ran upstairs and found her on the floor. She said she had broken her leg. I asked her how she did it and she said she didn’t know. She said she didn’t trip over anything that she knew of. We did have a wicker clothes hamper at the end of the bed but she said she didn’t trip over that.Later on after my wife had passed away, I got to thinking, I wondered if the Shadow Man had anything to do with this? My daughter thought the same thing because anytime we would try to intervene between this entity and our daughter, the Shadow Man would retaliate against us. This was our conclusion of what happened.

Several other times I would witness our bedroom door, slowly closing by itself. Other times I would be watching TV when it would shut off. The timer wasn’t set. In understanding the incidences that went on, I did some research of the apartment complex where we lived but, didn’t find anything abnormal. The spirit Neela, well she was a little prankster, she loved hiding things from us. Like car keys and remotes. She at times would look over the banister, looking at either my daughter or myself as we sat at the computer. One night I was doing to EVP analyzing when I had this feeling of being watched. I slowly looked over and saw her standing just at the opening of the stairwell and the wall. The smile she gave me was so cute, we never really had anything bad happen from her, just her pranks of hiding stuff. The other spirit, Dennis, I believe he was a protector of my daughter. He would from time to time peak just above the second floor landing, she’d look over seeing he was looking at her. He would go away but seems he would spend most of his time in the stairwell, walking up and down. At night we could hear footsteps going up and down the stairs, as if he was pacing.

Not knowing why he was doing this, we just let him do it. Neela was just the opposite of Dennis, she would spend most of her time in the basement, not wanting to disturb us. Except for when she would play pranks on us, which was ok. However, the Shadow Man was down right hateful, he would do anything to harm any of us, which was prevalent to what happened to my wife. The Shadow Man didn’t like me at all because I believe he knew I could get rid of him at any moment.

Just after my wife had passed away, my daughter and I moved from the apartment. But before we did, I asked a friend of mine who was a demonologist, how to bid a spirit to a particular room. She told me so, I did a binding spell to keep the Shadow Man in my daughter’s room for good. After we left, my daughter and I could feel total relief from this entity. My daughter asked me he could ever follow her and I said no because it is bound to that room forever, it cannot ever escape.

Some years later we went back to that apartment complex and went to our old apartment. We didn’t go inside but looked from the outside. As we got out of the car, we could feel anger, hatred and resentment from the apartment. We knew it was still there and hated us being there. So we got back in the car and vowed to never ever go back and we never did.


Submitted by John Parrish to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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    3 thoughts on “Repercussion of using a Ouija Board

    1. It’s too bad there was no happy ending! I expected to read the resolution to the root of the issues!
      I have learned a bit about “the shadowman” from your other stories, Mr. Vasey that he is hard to deal with, has anyone ever succeeded in performing an exorcism to regain his normal life?
      Do people have to put up with him indefinitely without a way out?! Who is he to be so powerful, and overwhelming? Definitely not a ghost!? A devil then?
      Do you have an answer, Mr. Vasey?

      • Interesting questions and I have been thinking about writing about tis for a while. I believe that there are entities who live off of our emotional energy. The shadows are certainly of that group. The trick is to starve the entity of the energy that sustains it. That is harder said than done.

    2. True, but when the danger is imminent like the case of the owner’s wife, a more aggressive step needs to be sought! It might be too late to wait for him to starve! The owners clearly have the right to live there peacefully no matter he likes it or not!

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