The Hat Man and Winged Woman

18 November 2019 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Been listening for a while now a year at least and just heard the story of the Hat Man on Weird Darkness on November 6th 2019. Decided for the first time to share my story about this……

My family and I are not new to the paranormal being that we lived on a graveyard of old asylum patients for the last 30 years. But I do remember this vividly and to this day. I still see them both.

First time was at age 5 and about every year until now for about 21 years I see the Hat Man and the Winged Woman once a year. She always follows him after he appears. He can almost appear on command I feel like. I usually bring people over to show proof and when they have doubt he appears. I’ve seen so many different sides of him now over the years even know where he likes to reside.

Typically my grandmother and I let him be when we see him and we just allow him to read my grandfathers books or sit in the living room with the cats. The Woman only I’ve seen but others have felt she dresses in bright white and is I want to say maybe 9ft tall. She has to bend over while in the house. I think she is the ying to him (being yang). To this day I’ve never been scared of either and to this day I see them both. I will say this though he loves books especially with red lighting even though we don’t have any red lights in the house.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Sam V.


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