22 November 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In the early 2000s, a friend of mine moved to into an old house with some other college friends in Milwaukee. There were not enough bedrooms in the house, so he turned the attic into a huge bedroom and art studio. It was a great room to play guitar, write poems on the wall and paint the windows. Just an over all room to express ourselves in a fun and creative way.

Shortly after our discovery of the freedom in this house we realized something was off. A lot of friends that came over would be hit with an unexplainable depression. The feeling weighed you down like you had a pack filled with sand bags in your mind. After the sudden change in moods, we also started hearing things; creaks, cracks, bangs, old house noises.

When sitting in the attic, we started hearing foot steps slowly coming up the stairs. Once they reached the top there was no body to be seen. We sat in complete silence just staring at the stairway then creak, creak, creak, steps begin to head back down the stairs. After this happened a few times, we began to think this spirit was shy and may have sneaked up the stairs, but once seen us it headed back the downstairs. Some of us started to look into the history of the house and found out through a friend a little girl died there a long time ago and had a toy room in the attic. No name, no other details, that’s all we had. I thought calling the spirit “it”, or ghost was impersonal, so I named her Sara, from there on out that’s how she was referred to.

One night my friend Nate and I were sitting in the attic playing guitar and we again heard Sara ascend the stairs. Once she reached the top we didn’t hear the patter of her feet head down the stairs. We stopped playing guitar and waited silently in a way to try an invite her in. As we sat in silence the ceiling fan began to spin. The strange thing about this is it was spinning backwards slowly. The fan had been off the entire time and the switch was off so there was no way for this to happen. At that point I said “is that you Sara?”, immediately the fan stopped. This was exciting and spooky all at once. It was a rush that I had made some kind of contact with a spirit. This kind of activity continued to happen and never bothered us as she seemed harmless.

A few months later it was October and a small group of us went out to a few bars for the night. It was myself, Nate, Kristen, Aheah, and Jill. While out Jill told me she wanted to head home so we said good bye and the rest of continued to enjoy beer and games of pool. Later into the night, we all decided to walk back to the house and call it an evening. We all hiked up to the attic and grabbed a couch or place on the floor to crash for the night. Kristen came up the stairs, the same ones we heard Sara ascend multiple times before. When Kristen reached the top she was surprised to see Jill. Jill was in the corner staring at the wall. The room was fairly dark, only light from the street lamps illuminated the walls. Seeing Jill standing there was not all that strange since there were poems all over the walls and often people would read them. Kristen approached Jill and asked what she was doing in an inquisitive and cheerful way. As Jill turned to Kristen, Kristen was overcome with shock and turned white and her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach. Jill wasn’t Jill, she was Sara standing there. Kristen in a terrified panic sprinted across the room and dove into the only bed in the room. Saras apparition dissipated. Kristen never went up to that attic alone again and no one could blame her.

The house was supposed to be tore down but it was so old Milwaukee saved it as a landmark.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My haunted Life Too by Jesse Ryder

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