The Boy’s Home Hauntings

28 November 2019 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Eight years ago I moved out of my parents house with a boyfriend twenty five minutes north into a house that used to be a boys home. I didn’t know about that while I lived there. The house was at least 150 years old but it had beautiful chandeliers through out the entire house. The basement like all basements was extremely scary to be in and had a weird side room that was dug outside of the basement foundation wall and into the ground like a cave. I believe it was a storage room but there was no lights in it and it had a creepy plywood door that creaked when you opened it and didn’t sit straight when shut. I hated going in the basement. I had to though in the winter to start the wood stove.

Anyway after about living there for six months, I was getting ready to move out and my dad came to help me and told me about how it used to be a boys home that he himself had lived in in the early 1970’s.

I don’t want this to get too long but I had some seriously scary paranormal happenings go on while I lived there. I will tell of the scariest instance where I was chased by something up the stairs and into my bedroom.

Prior to going to sleep I had been sitting in the living room in a recliner and I had heard a loud bang in my kitchen. I had a giant island in the middle of the kitchen and sitting in the center of the island was my spice rack. When I heard a loud bang and went to check, the spice rack was on the floor near the entrance of the kitchen by the door. So I picked it up and put it back on the island in the middle to reassure myself that it couldn’t fall back onto the floor by itself.

This all started around 10:30 at night. About twenty minutes later I heard the same crash from the kitchen. I went in to find the spice rack again on the floor. I again put it back in the middle of the island. To give you a better idea of how wide the island was, it was wider and longer than a car.

Twenty minutes after that, around 11:15 I heard the spice rack crash to the floor again. This time as I sat in my chair I said loudly and sternly, “I hear you! Now stop!”

At about 11:30 I decided to go upstairs and go to bed. As soon as I lay down I hear loud foot steps run up the stairs and walk across the carpet to the door way of my room and stop. It sounded like someone with large heavy boots on and was standing staring at me. I lived alone at this time with my 1 year old daughter sleeping in her crib. My boyfriend and I had broken up and he had moved out. This is why I was also moving to a different place.

Feeling like something or someone was glaring at me, I laid on my right side with my eyes closed, sheet up to my chin, praying for it to go away. What felt like forever, a couple minutes later I heard it go back down stairs.

I moved a week later.

As I was moving my stuff, my dad proceeds to inform me that the care taker of the boys home used to lock boys in that dark room I told you about in the basement. He also told me he remembers that one boy went in that room but he doesn’t remember him ever coming out. I never was able to find out anything about the homes history or the boy but what happened to him if he never came out of that room?


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