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10 December 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My Mom and Dad both lived in Ohio; divorced, so separate residences. I live in Arizona. Dad called one morning to tell me that Mom had passed away; massive heart attack, and was gone in an instant. I was blindsided, as I spoke with her the day before, and she sounded fine. Got off the phone with Dad, crying like crazy, and decided just to go out for a walk for a couple of minutes to clear my head.

I walked through the apartment complex next to mine, and passed a dumpster in the parking lot. On the top of the dumpster was a really pretty blue bag. I got the bag, finished my walk, and returned home. I set the bag on the floor in the kitchen, and got in the shower. I should also explain that my cat at the time, Pinky, was 18 years old, so I wasn’t about to leave him with just anyone while I flew to Ohio for the funeral, but how could you NOT go to your Mothers’ funeral, right? My best friend was leaving to go out of town on business that night, so I had a real dilemma.

While in the shower, I was “talking” to my Mom, and said, “Mom, you’ve got to give me a sign, because I don’t know if I should stay, or go? As soon as I said that, I stopped, and said, “! Wait! You can’t do that, cuz you know you’ll scare me to death!” (I hate supernatural stuff; she didn’t.) So, out of the shower, dressed, and my best friend stopped by to check on me, as I had called her after Dads’ phone call.

We were sitting in my living room, and I was telling her about “talking” to Mom, when I happened to look at the kitchen. The blue bag that I had found was pointing right at me, with 3 big white letters on the side of the bag facing me. The letters were S-T-A. (Stay). Wow! I went over and picked up the bag, there were 4 letters on the side- A-S-T-A, but somehow when I set it down, the A folded back, and was not visible. Weird. I picked up the bag, flipped it around to the front, and there was the logo- American Society of Travel Agents. That fits, because I would’ve had to book a flight back to Ohio. Then I said to my friend- “Oh! That’s why you’re here, cuz she knows if she would’ve done this while I was alone, I would’ve freaked!” So… I did not go back for the funeral.

Now, in my town, there was a place on the main drag called STA Travel. I took the bag, went down there, and rambled this story to the travel agency owner. The logo outside of their store is the same blue as my bag, with the same white lettering. The owner said they’ve never had bags like that, and was stupefied as to where I could’ve gotten it from. So, that’s it. I’m settled in not attending the funeral, but that was a cool way in which I feel she contacted me.

Thanks for reading this.


Submitted by Christine Thompson

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