Dragged from my Bed…

10 January 2020 | Haunted houses, Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was 5, we lived in a mobile home. The hall wasn’t long but, of course, for a child it was. My mom wouldn’t let us watch scary movies so what happened wasn’t triggered by that.

So, I went to sleep but this night but there was a different feeling in my room. It felt scared for some reason. I would see dark shadows on my walls but I would just put the covers over my head. Suddenly, my covers were pulled off of my bed and I was afraid to open my eyes as I was being dragged out of my bed down the hall. I tried to scream and I couldn’t. When I opened my eyes there was a dark figure pulling at me. My Dad must have been thirsty because he was in the kitchen. He saw the figure and ran to me and checked me. To this day we don’t speak about it because we knew it was paranormal and evil.

Years later a preacher told me Satan should’ve took me when he had a chance. Crazy huh? Now I’m married and when we go to bed I hold on to my husband. It’s something that never leaves your mind or heart. I watch over my kids because if it ever comes back I would do the same thing my dad did. Grab them and never let go.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Brianna Ramsey

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