The Ghosts of Miners Scared Me!

13 January 2020 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So this is a bit of a story. But while I was dating my fiancé, I would spend my weekends at his ranch. His ranch was 50 miles out of town plus a few miles of forest road just to get to the front gate. And, it was located right on top of a very old failed silver mine from the late 1800-1910. The remains of the miner kitchen gave us that timeframe because of how the tins were sealed. Also, we had maps of where things where laid out. Plus the mine ruins. So, my one full summer there helping the ranch I spent weekends there, and helped with organizing the farmhands and stuff. And they kept talking about orbs in specific areas of the ranch. I understood some were at the entrances to the mines, but some they said was right near the front gate of the ranch.

I decided I wanted to go check this out so one night I shook my fiancé out of bed and said. I want to see the orbs. This was about maybe 2 am, what a tolerant human….. anyhow we go hike down the hill in the dark and then right near the front gate I got the hair rising up…. up the hill was little bobbing lights, but the closer ones were like a rip in the fabric of the dark evening, the apparitions of the miners buried there. The closer ones I could see almost what they wore, and their pick axes or shovels.

“Let’s go back to the cabin” I said to my fiance.

He saw nothing btw. But all the way back to his cabin the miners walked with us. I think they saw me as clear as I saw them. They were not unfriendly but it still scared the hell out of me.

I will never go hunting for orbs or ghosts again, I have seen more since requesting to see them and I just try to give them their space.

Submitted to weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Katie V.

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